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Anant App's Smart Mood Tracker - Moodlytics Comes with An Updated Version 3.5

It's not an App, It's Companion for Happiness. Moodlytics is the best in class mood tracking/journal/diary app with easy to understand data analysis.

Moodlytics already has feature called Simple Goals, where you can track goals in the form of a to-do list. But, we wanted to have goals that are attached with feelings, timeline and progress. We also wanted to have goal-tracking more interactive and automatic.

Common happiness goals are like - I want to be happy for more than 4 hours a day or I don't want to be sad more than 3 times a day. MoodSensed goals exactly work this way. You define goals with what you want/don't want, the mood, time range for goal and expected result in terms of hours or counts.

We also learnt that, beginners wanted to explore themselves as soon as possible when they start their mood journal. This motivated us to introduce Happiness Index and Happiness Charts. Happiness index answers your day was good or bad while Happiness chart brings more clarity with how much it was happy, sad and neutral.

One common criticism we received was that, the App is great in its Pro version. There is nothing much in the Free version. So with Moodlytics 3.5 - Everything is free except PDF export and MoodSensed Goals. We're sure our free users would love this update and can enjoy all functionalities of Moodlytics for free.

Moodlytics for iPhone is available at iTunesStore:

Moodlytics for Android is available at PlayStore :

Along with these three major updates, we added mood conflict detection that can detect overlaid mood entries. We've also enhanced the app with minor bug fixes.

We are sure, this update will help the world to get and spread more happiness around!

Keep Sharing Moods! Keep Sharing Smiles!
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