Analog Control Via PCI/PCI Express With Electrical Isolation

Maisach/Munich/Germany. With the analog output modules MDA16-2i/-4i/-8i, the manufacturer of measurement technology BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) launches a module series for isolated, analog control via the PCI or PCI Express bus.

If for the control of power supplies, frequency converters, or engines - potential differences between two circuits can lead to sudden discharges and cause heavy damages. Galvanic isolation is the solution here.

With the new plug-on modules MDA16-2i, MDA16-4i, and MDA16-8i for the PCI and PCIe slot cards of the manufacturer of measurement technology BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), the question of electrical isolation is already solved. They allow for the control of up to 8 analog outputs - isolated and absolutely safe.

Control lines can be set precisely with 16 bit resolution in the +/-10V output range. This makes the analog output modules perfectly suitable for industrial use.

The PCI or PCIe carrier board features two slots for the plug-on modules. 32 digital lines and 3 counters (PCIe-BASE: 1 counter) are provided by the PCI or PCIe multifunction card.

The isolated MDA modules can be combined with various analog input modules or a CAN interface module. According to the demands, the user can configure his measurement and control system with the selection of suitable plug-on modules.

The combination of an MDA16-4i (4 analog outputs, 16 bit) with an MAD16b (16 analog inputs, 16 bit) makes a universal data acquisition and control card for high-precision applications. All channels are available at the 37-pole Sub-D female connector of the PCI/PCIe card.

If two MDA16-8i modules are used, the result is a multi-channel control system offering unequaled opportunities concerning price and performance.

Last but not least: Connecting isolation amplifiers for each channel is unnecessary due to the galvanic decoupling of the isolated MDA16-2i/-4i/-8i modules.

Further information about modular measurement and control technology is provided on the website of BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm).


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