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AMN MAG Celebrates 20 Issues!

R&B artists Donell Jones, Lyfe Jennings, Tweet and More Congratulate Lisa Green on 20 Issues of AMN MAGAZINE!

On the first of April, AMN MAGAZINE's Editor/Publisher Lisa Green released the 20th issue of the publication that she created solely for independent and R&B music and its artists! Natalie "The Floacist" Stewart, formerly of the Neo-Soul duo FLOETRY, covers the twentieth issue of the magazine.

Also included are singer/songwriter/musician Clinton Babers, 90's R&B group JADE and 2012 BET HONORS recipient Beverly Kearney shares her wisdom and words of encouragement in a Mothers Day tribute titled, "The Perfect Mother?"

Green says of this milestone, "AMN Magazine is truly a labor of love. For as long as I can remember, I have loved music and I have always appreciated those artists who create music that makes us feel something; music that makes us think, dance, and love. The creation of AMN Magazine was born out of my passion and love of music, songwriting etc. I want people to know that great music and great music artists are still out there, and I feel very blessed to have interviewed so many artists who have contributed generously to music history in their career. I sincerely thank everyone who has shared this journey with me and who has supported me every step of the way. AMN MAG started as an online magazine, and is now in print and enjoys an international subscriber base! I look forward to continuing to bring you more on indie and R&B music via AMN Magazine!"

AMN MAG is 'Your Source for Independent and R&B Music and Entertainment!'

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