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The Characteristic of a Good Learning Space

Apart from your classroom, there are more spaces that can offer similar learning environment. All you have to do is to make some alterations to create the effect. Here are various characteristic that a good learning space should have. Also, you might want to include a learn more study less review when you are on it.

Neat Room
You can readily picture how organized your thoughts would be; just look at the room where you're studying. Aside from getting possible diseases, a dirty space can also discourage learning. So clear the mess in the floor, place the trash and the used clothes in the waste or laundry basket. Your study space should look more like a safe retreat than a busy workplace.

Place Appropriate Lighting
Aside from light placement, the type of light should also be considered in your study space. As much as possible, steer away from fluorescent lighting, they could cause more vision pain than knowledge gain. A recommended light would be a desk light. It's bright enough to focus on what you're reading without leaving you wincing occasionally. You can also use sun light by placing your reading near the window.

A Comfortable Chair
A comfortable seat would almost complete a proper study space. You don't have to acquire pricey ones; just the ones that are enough to hold your weight and provide a comfortable upright sitting. Also, avoid the ones that are too comfy to study in. With too comfortable chairs, rather than getting 'A', you might receive a 'ZzZ.'

Proper Atmoshpere
When your space is either hot or too cold, it's very hard to concentrate. Yeah, you've experienced this in class when one time the air conditioning system failed. Now, you don't want this to happen. Request help from expert if you must.

Add Some Greenery
Some may find this inappropriate, their reason being 'adding to the clutter.' But consider exactly what a well-placed potted plant can give - a fresh and calming thing you may gaze upon from time to time.

Take into consideration these suggestions and create a space where you can learn comfortably - with no distraction or bother.
Diagrams and visual study resources are effective for fast understanding. More of such learning resources included in this talked about study system Learn More Study Less. Get to know this system.

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