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Alpha Services Identified as the Latest in a Series of Timeshare Resale Scams

In order to spread awareness of an onslaught of timeshare resale scams targeting desperate timeshare owners, Redemption and Release has issued another scam alert. An informed public can help fight this type of timeshare scam and help empower victims

Because timeshare owners have become victims of ruthless timeshare resale scam artists, Redemption and Release has been tracking and reporting such crimes in effort to help protect timeshare owners. Spreading awareness of how these organizations operate can reduce the number of timeshare owners who fall victim to these con games. Redemption and Release encourages you to share this information with friends and loved ones who may be targeted by this type of scam. Another timeshare resale scam has been uncovered, this time targeting owners of timeshares in Mexico.

The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning regarding a company called Alpha Services, Inc. On May 22, 2014, the BBB issued a news item alerting unsuspecting timeshare owners in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota of a timeshare scam operating in these areas.

Angry victims began contacting the Better Business Bureau reporting that they'd been duped by Alpha Services. The company contacted them directly offering to sell their timeshare properties in Mexico. In order to facilitate the sale, representatives from Alpha Services requested the timeshare owners pay a transfer fee of $3,600.00USD. Once the timeshare owners sent the money in good faith, the company contacted them again claiming they required another payment of $16,000.00USD to cover varied other fees including a "Mexican Government Tax Fee."

Upon further investigation, the Better Business Bureau discovered that Alpha Services did not, in fact, operate out of any of the addresses which were listed on their website. This information was verified by the mangers of those properties.

Unfortunately, these stories are far too common as of late. Timeshare resale companies obtain targeted call lists of timeshare owners and make cold calls claiming they could sell their timeshare. They even claim that they already have a buyer who specifically wants their timeshare. Then a fee of several thousands of dollars is requested for closing costs or some other fee to make the sale go through.

It seems as though every few days a new story hits the newswire of people being victimized by these scams. While authorities are beginning to crack down harder on these criminals, there are still many popping up across the country.

Timeshare owners who want to get out of their timeshares need to be very, very careful of these types of timeshare resale scams. They will prey on your weakness and desperation to get rid of your timeshare. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear, just like the timeshare salesman originally did to get you to buy into a headache.

Unfortunately, you will be left even further in debt with no end in sight to your timeshare contract.

When looking for a way out of a timeshare obligation, there are several things you need to get an understanding of and accept in order to move forward:

1) Your timeshare is worse than worthless. It is a liability; a hole that gets deeper by the year with no hope of ever being a "good investment."

2) You will have to pay to get rid of your timeshare contract obligation. Your timeshare company is unlikely to buy back or rent your timeshare forward. They are unlikely to help you get out of your contract. They have no interest in helping you. Quite the opposite. Your maintenance fees are a great source of income for them. They are counting on your money every year. Did they tell you they had a "buy back program" when they were selling you the timeshare? They most likely looked you in the eyes and lied to you.

3) Regardless of if you pay a timeshare redemption company to do all the paperwork and deed transfers for you or you endeavor to do it yourself, there will be fees and time involved in getting out of your timeshare contract.

4) If you walk away from your timeshare, your credit will be greatly damaged.

5) If you hold on to your timeshare regardless of whether you can use it or not, your fees will increase from year to year. The longer your keep your timeshare, the higher the chances of being hit with a large assessment fee in case of damage from extreme weather patterns and/or natural disasters.

Just know, there is NO viable timeshare resale market. Anyone claiming to want to buy or sell your timeshare is only looking for easy money and will likely provide no service and/or no sale of your timeshare. Don't fall victim to these timeshare resale scams.

Those who are eager to get out of a timeshare contract and think they have no other option than to let their payments lapse and thus ruin their credit ratings, take heart.

The Redemption and Release Timeshare Redemption program can help you escape the seemingly iron-clad timeshare contract that is ruining your financial future. Visit online today to find out more and to speak to a helpful timeshare exit expert who will help guide you toward the right solution to your timeshare dilemma.

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