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Almazmix happens to be the newest and hottest entertainment and nightlife destination which focuses on displaying all important Arab news events in the Arab

Almazmix happens to be the newest and hottest entertainment and nightlife destination which focuses on displaying all important Arab news events in the Arab, Persian and Middle Eastern American communities throughout most of the states in the U.S. The company which boasts an incredible online presence serves as a weekly entertainment guide including the best hookah lounge USA directories and restaurants with unique event photos as well as memoirs of the local glamorous trendsetters. The biggest and the best resources that the company has is the weekly line up of impressive local parties, festivals, concerts and more. With Almazmix, partygoers are promised never a dull moment!

"Our company was first formed for the Arab and Middle Eastern communities residing in the States. We noticed a clear dearth of Arab entertainment content in America and rushed to fill this void. The name of our company is derived from the Arab word "Almaz" which means 'diamond' and perfectly represents the unique and classy audience and vision our organization attempts to capture. With a thriving society and a nation that hosts thousands of events and concerts every year, we have now provided the community with a platform that allows them to connect with the hottest events and best Arab news USA themed entertainment possible in the United States. Our latest Arab music artist's appearances and fashion ideas have all been well-received indicating that our streak of success is yet to continue," says the Almazmix CEO.

Founded early in 2012, Almazmix is headquartered in Texas and since its inception has established numerous contacts with promoters, industry leaders and entertainers regarding hosting their upcoming events online. The users and frequent clients of Almazmix can expect to receive the latest information regarding hookah lounge, models, entertainers, Arab singers from the website of the company. Clients even have the opportunity to add their own event or artist page on the Almazmix website if they happen to be a local singer, DJ, belly dancer, musician or performer. The process is very simple and easy and does not take a great deal of time. So, you can expect to feature your event on the website within a matter of minutes by simply upgrading it. This ensures that your ad gets the top visual placement and more views.

"Our company offers a wide range of services and amenities to our esteemed members. The most popular services include massive distribution of e-mails, optimal online banner placement, logo and banner design, and social networking options. When you register with our company, you will be given regular access to purchase tickets to the hottest Almazmix events in your city, provide your valuable reviews and comments, become eligible to receive the monthly newsletters, VIP packages and enter the event giveaway sweepstakes," says the Almazmix CEO.

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