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Alexander Ber Comments on Vegetarian Wedding Meals

As American diets change, wedding receptions now feature an array of cuisines that may not be preferable to the guests. Alexander Ber adds that while the bride and groom should aim to please their guests, they should not compromise their wishes.

As wedding guests anticipate an invitation from the upcoming bride and groom, most are poised to check off whether they will be having "chicken" or "fish" at the reception. However, according to a recent article from The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, some guests may be surprised to find that the couple is having a vegetarian-only meal. The article highlights the struggle of one bride and groom who, adhering to their own dietary beliefs, are offering only vegetarian-friendly options at their wedding reception. Despite the lack of meat, the couple is prepared to offer a wide array of dishes including quiche, risotto, cheese and legumes. While the couple has voiced their decision to follow this menu, the parents have weighed in with disagreement, believing that the food will not satisfy guests' tastes and dietary restrictions. Southern California wedding planner, Alexander Ber responds by noting that wedding decisions should remain to be the decision of the bride and groom, and should make sure that the ceremony does not fall into the control of relatives' hands.

In the article, syndicated columnist Carolyn Hax responds to the couple's predicament, "I believe the range of food permissible within a vegetarian diet is broad enough to satisfy all." In agreement Alexander Ber states, "Adjusting a ceremony's menu solely for the guests in opposition to the request of the couple is not right. The purpose of wedding invitations is to inform the invited guests of what is being served among other details. If a guest is that opposed to the meal options at the wedding, they simply do not have to attend."

Having helped numerous couples in the Los Angeles area arrange successful weddings, Alexander Ber has plenty of experience with odd ceremony requests. He explains, "I have dealt with many strange preferences when planning a wedding that have included strange outfits to unconventional venues. Even if the bride and groom are anxious about pursuing these plans, I remind them that they should have a wedding that reflects their unity and personality. Despite their apprehension, the events go off without a hitch. In my experience, vegetarian wedding meals are certainly received well by guests if one finds a top-notch caterer to supply the food."


Alexander Ber is a reputable wedding planner who resides in West Hollywood, California. He is a flexible planner who works to fulfill all the needs of a couple and their budget, big or small. While he specializes in Los Angeles-area weddings, he is available to plan ceremonies all around the Southern California region, including San Diego, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara. Alexander Ber has a long history of event planning and has worked with several venues and professionals in Miami, London and Seattle. Maintaining excellent business relationships with venues and other wedding-related services, Alex Ber is able to provide top-notch service that includes a wide range of resources.

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