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Alcozer Presented Its New Web Site

It was published a few days ago the new site of Alcozer. This is a leader company in the creation and production of costume jewellery, and offers a special service to its customers: the possibility to buy online its items.

Alcozer is a firm located in Florence, in the heart of the city, specialized in the creation and production of costume luxury jewellery: the firm was founded in 1994 by Giampiero Alcozer, the designer, who wanted to fulfill his dream, which was to give life to jewellery inspiring the taste of the past but at the same time being the result of a modern production, with an amazing style, unrivaled in the current market scenario. In fact the company is a leader one in the field, on the strength of a long experience and a team of young, brilliant and highly qualified people: the outcome of their work is, for example, the production of luxury costume jewellery bracelets so as of luxury costume jewellery necklace.

The company Alcozer & J S.r.l. then creates luxury costume jewellery standing out from what similar can be found in the market, for two main reasons: high quality and an extreme originality. The first comes from the amazing knowledge of the craftsmanship jewellery techniques by the founder designer, the second is the outcome of his creativity and of his staff's work. More than jewels Alcozer realizes artworks, like luxury costume jewellery rings, which are the pride of the Italian craftsmanship. This is the kind of craftsmanship that typifies Italy, it's the result of passion and creativity, the flagship of the italian handmade production: there is no possibility of being proven wrong if we say that companies like this are the pride of Made in Italy.

On the site you can see the remarkable catalog of products made available by the company and you can buy them online. The site is easy to consult for the customers, with the possibility to see all the collections so as the price of the items below their picture: you can also consult the catalog stones, and, what is very useful, the sizes of the rings, changing between Europe and the United States. On the site is possible to realize how the firm, with its strong identity, is now present in the best fashion magazines through excellent editorials and original press releases, proving that the brand Alcozer has broken worldwide. In the field of luxury costume jewelery available online, Alcozer is an unrivaled firm in terms of efficiency, organization, quality and expertise.

Anyone wishing to buy jewellery that stand out from the usual, boring objects that are on the market and which reflect their personality can only turn to Alcozer, which guarantees the customer the production of handmade jewellery by artisan with amazing experience and professionalism. Thanks to its organisation, the firm permit to buy its items by the fastest way, i.e. with a click. To buy costume jewellery online has never been so easy, as now there is at customer disposal a wide range of products referring to italian fashion and costume jewellery, ranging from bracelets to earrings, from brooches to necklaces, and so on and so forth. But this year the company has a new great item, namely Dorella: inspired by the old paper dolls with interchangeable outfits comes the magnetic Dorella, magnetic in every sense, both because it really appeals, both because the doll is a metal pendant having head and jointed legs which can be applied by means of magnets.

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