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Dental cost like most treatments can be expensive and the cost just seems to keep going up but one local dentist in Orlando is going against the norm.

Dental cost like most treatments can be expensive and the cost just seems to keep going up but one local dentist in Orlando is going against the norm. Dr. Shilpa Desai at Desai Dental is paving the way to help area residents maintain healthy mouths and great looking smiles with impressive new patient discounts and financing.

Dr. Desai, a graduate of the University of Florida Foreign Trained Dental Program and a member of the ADA and Central Florida District Dental Association, as well as, the Florida Dental Association has been practicing in Central Florida for more than a decade. This dentist in Orlando acknowledges the importance of patient's feeling like one of the family not only in their care but in the cost of their care.

General dental treatment including tooth extractions, cleaning, tooth bonding and fillings are offered services at Desai Dental. In order to maintain a healthy mouth, an individual needs to see the dentist for periodic exams, as well as, maintaining good oral hygiene. New patients at Desai Dental can have an exam (which includes x-rays) and consult for a low $49, far below most dentist's charges in the surrounding area.

The professionals at provide other services to residents of Winter Park, College Park and the surrounding area that includes Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and Emergency Dentistry so residents know no matter what age a patient is, from toddler to grandparent, they'll receive expert care at Desai Dental.

Cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and dental implants are expertly performed. A patient can have their teeth whitened to a remarkable brightness in a single hour office visit. There are also discounts available for these procedures for new and existing patients, and may be limited.

As a pediatric dental specialist, Dr. Desai understands the importance of teaching youngsters about proper oral hygiene, as well as, making a dental visit as pleasant, comfortable and fun for them in order to deter dental phobias as they get older. Having furthered her education into Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Desai has been educated in child psychology and behavior, as well as, special techniques to ensure a relaxed and comfortable dental visit for toddlers.

As a practicing emergency dentist in Orlando, Dr. Desai has a patient's need forefront and offers same day visits for emergency dental needs. It's unfortunate that one may experience a dental emergency but it doesn't have to be unfortunate to get the care needed when one does occur.

Dr. Desai and the entire staff at Desai Dental - - provides an atmosphere that makes you feel at home from the time you walk in through the door until the time you walk out it. And with their CareCredit option, having the best smile and healthiest mouth may have just gotten a little more promising in these difficult economical times.

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