Let me help you streamline and simplify your payroll and bookkeeping with accurate, dependable calculations and clear, concise reports.

Why putting it off could be costing you money?

Why is bookkeeping so important to a business like yours?

You need to know from one month to the next if you are making a profit. Because if you aren't making a profit it's all for nothing

You need timely financial information to make important decisions about setting prices, hiring employees, expanding your products and services, your marketing plans, etc.

If you spend money to advertise your business, will you know if it paid off?

If you feel as if you need to cut your expenses, will you know which ones to cut?

Do you know which products or services are making you money and which aren't?

Do you know which customers are bringing in the most revenue and which aren't?

You need to be able to communicate with your banker for loans and lines of credit

If he asks for a cash flow statement, will you be able to produce one?

If you are applying for a credit line with one of your vendors, would you be able to produce a description of your purchasing procedures?

You need to be able to pay what you owe in taxes; no more, no less

You need to be able to convince investors that your business is worth their attention

You need to create and follow a budget but you haven't a clue how to start

If these issues keep you up at night….

Maybe it's time to consider hiring Henderson's Bookkeeping Service.


You will save the extra employee's expenses for payroll taxes, sick pay, vacation pay, insurance: medical, dental, worker's compensation.

You will save on space in your office for another employee
You save yourself from having to manage another employee
You avoid the problems of employee turnover

A CPA will charge about $71 per hour for bookkeeping according to the Intuit 2012 survey while bookkeepers charge between $30 and $60 per hour generally. The survey included both CPAs and bookkeepers and revealed that the average hourly rate for bookkeeping services was $61. While many bookkeepers and accountants charge by the hour, Henderson's Bookkeeping Service charge a flat monthly fee for our services, generally $500 to $2000 per month. Thats it!