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Advantages of Learning Through Mobile Devices

The mobile device is becoming a successful learning tool. It is often self paced and un-tethered. Learning becomes easier through mobile devices as they are more widely available and easily accessible.

Nowadays learning is no longer confined to a classroom rather it has extended to the mobile devices. The findings of research set out many benefits of mobile learning, most obvious being convenient and flexibility though there are other benefits too. Few of them are discussed here.

1) Mobile learning gives you convenience and flexibility. The reason of this belief is that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime when you feel like learning. You no more have to rush to the classrooms.

2) Mobile learning lets you make use of 'dead time' which means that you can learn while travelling, waiting for someone during lunch breaks etc.

3) The learner has control over mobile learning. You have the leverage to choose the content you want to read.

4) You can learn at your own pace using mobile devices. Your mobile always remains with you so you can plan your course the way you want. You can decide how much you have to read in a day and do it accordingly.

5) It frees you from technological barriers. As you are already familiar with your mobiles and its functionalities so it will become easier for you to run any new application.

6) Mobile learning is cheaper than learning in classrooms or through the text books, laptops etc.

7) It fits into different styles of learning like reading (both text and graphics), animations, videos, forums, sms etc., listening and even writing.

8) Mobile learning is quite engaging. You can attempt mini quizzes, assessments or read a brief description of something in between other training activities. It keeps your learning fresh.

9) You can have quick remedial using mobile devices. Suppose you forget the usage of a particular word or a concept then you can search t on your mobile instead of looking for them in books or other sources.

10) Learning through a mobile device improves your self confidence. You can read short nuggets of learning before going for an interview, or a meeting etc. Whatever you read remains fresh in your mind so you can use it effectively.

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