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Adept Networks Features ShoreTel Phone Systems for Business and Healthcare IP Phone Solutions

Businesses and health care organizations have been moving to IP phone solutions in order to reduce operating costs while managing their communications network, however a reduction in cost can not be reflected in functionality, flexibility or quality.

Businesses like Health Care Organizations depend on having a reliable communications infrastructure that allows them to keep up with technological advancements, grow and operate, all while reducing costs due to ever-increasing budget constraints. Adept Networks makes this business necessity a reality by integrating communications solutions that feature ShoreTel products.

Adept Networks is proud to feature ShoreTel products as part of their corporate and health care communications service solutions. As a leading [url:] business phone and internet provider [/url] responsible for setting up IT networks, from network cabling infrastructure to equipment installation and testing, Adept ensures that integration, reliability, and the bottom line are always their prime considerations. ShoreTel is a sure choice when it comes to these three qualities.

Why is ShoreTel a Sure Choice for Communications Networks?
ShoreTel is the leading provider of IP phone systems with fully integrated Unified Communications. As more health care organizations and businesses move to IP phone solutions to help manage and maintain a diverse range of requirements for both staff and for the facility, ShoreTel has become a trusted solution. Using [url:] ShoreTel Business Phones [/url], Adept Networks can set up a centrally managed communications system for health care organizations that immediately connects the right medical personnel and the right resources at the right time-and doesn't force doctors and nurses to learn a new and seemingly complex technology.

Adept utilizes ShoreTel because it is easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to administer. In fact, ShoreTel was named by Everything Channel to CRN's first annual "Top 100 Health Care Vendors and VARs" list because of its ability to improve patient care while keeping costs under control.

"Organizations such as RehabCare, The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, Family Home Care, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Centre for Digestive Diseases, Visiting Nurses Association of Boston, and Woodlands North Houston Heart Center have all turned to ShoreTel to streamline communications, increase productivity, and save money." (ShoreTel, PR, Nov. 16, 2010)

Adept Networks, Inc. is a full service communications integrator offering telephone and voicemail systems, VoIP, [url:] data cabling [/url], and fiber optics installation, video surveillance, access control, and network design and configuration. Owner Greg Wilkolf notes that, "When we talk about communication solutions, the entire IT community is aware of ShoreTel's incredible resolutions for IP telephony; adding them to our offerings is a no-brainer. Total cost of ownership is a leading consideration in the decision making process for many IT directors, so having a system that existing IT staff can support and integrate is a big deal."

When providing business class communications services and products, solutions that work well are everything. Businesses are not forgiving of network solutions that render a work environment unfavorable when it comes to performance. Adept Networks is recognized for providing services that are flexible, reliable, and profitable.

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