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Actors, Models and Talent Atlanta Auditions February 23 for Film, Fashion, Music, and Theater Hosted By AMTC

Actors, Models and Talent for Christ, a global Christian ministry within the entertainment world, invite hopefuls to an open casting audition in Atlanta, Georgia on February 23rd.

Actors Models and Talent for Christ is pleased to announce Atlanta auditions on February 23.

"We want to help promote positive role models to 'go into the world' of arts and entertainment, to help share uplifting and positive values of Christ and His truth," explains AMTC.

A Christian ministry, a mission and a movement, AMTC provides aspiring performers with professional direction, industry introductions, and spiritual preparation so they can shine for Christ in the entertainment industry.

Paving the way for aspirants' dreams to come true, AMTC is holding auditions in Marietta, Georgia on February 23, 2013 at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. The Atlanta auditions will be graced by Adam She, AMTC Executive Director and Scout who will be auditioning actors, models, singers, and dancers from beginners through professionals, ages 4 and up.

Founded in 1982, AMTC has paved the way for hopefuls to become part of the performing arts business, such as the likes of Mena Suvari and Megan Fox, who, among many others, attended AMTC's SHINE, an educational event considered as the highway of integrity to Hollywood. The life-changing convention involves the Bridge Training Program, the most unique talent preparation curriculum in the world, combining VIP know-how with spiritual preparation.

At, individuals can find information about upcoming auditions by browsing the full list on the website, detailing the schedules, locations, directions, and contact information. Once decided on which audition to attend, interested users can register on the website to reserve an audition slot. The website also provides a section with informative articles assisting talented individuals as they prepare for their Christian auditions at AMTC.

To learn more about AMTC and take a peek at detailed audition schedules, please visit for information.

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