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Ackwired Rolls Out New Responsive Mobile Site launches a responsive website design to engage with their users across mobile and tablet devices. has just launched its responsive website to provide an optimized and enhanced experience on mobile and tablet devices. It's accessible from any web-enabled smartphone or tablet by simply visiting

New features include:
- A responsive layout optimized for tablet and mobile devices.
- Effortlessly browse the latest websites on offer on mobile devices.
- Faster page loads and downloads on mobile devices.
- You can now use your mobile to sell your website or startup.
- Browse content tailored to your specific device.

"After analyzing our website traffic, we identified that nearly 40% of all traffic each day comes from smartphones" said the founder of They noticed that mobile phone usage peaked throughout the morning period, while tablet devices showed their volume in the later evenings. This provided Ackwired with the evidence they were looking for to prioritize and invest in their multi device build. By the end of 2013 Ackwired aims to be serving around 60% of all pages to mobile and tablet devices.

Research has shown that if you don't provide a mobile and tablet experience to your users, they are more likely to visit a competitors mobile website instead. With this in mind the software engineering team which is based in Sydney, Australia worked hard to ensure each device only renders content specific to its resolution - and that it loads content fast! Ackwired mentioned their users shouldn't have to go searching for the information they are looking for on mobile and tablet devices, it should be right in front of them.

One of the biggest advantages Ackwired told us about moving to a responsive design "means our web developers now have the flexibility of being able to adapt to new screen resolutions and new devices as they come onto the market".

Ackwired is very excited about the launch, and really look forward to hearing the feedback from their users.

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