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ABC Direct Express Explains Reasons as To Why People Should Go to Them for Professional Courier Services

Custom courier solutions provider elaborates on how they perform their courier services, as well as the ways they can help their current and prospective clients.

ABC Direct Express, one of the most esteemed courier service providers in South Africa, has come out with a statement explaining their services—as well as how they can provide clients with the solutions they need.

According to the company, their main goal is to help their clients in any way they can. As it is, the company is offering courier services from Cape Town to Johannesburg—with the promise that they will do what is needed to ensure that the goods that they are asked to deliver will arrive safely—and on time.
ABC Direct Express offers various courier services in Durban, Pretoria and other areas—with the aim of providing specific solutions to the specific requirements of each of their clients.

Among the services that the company offers are: priority deliveries, overnight express, next day "in-city" deliveries, 2-day economic airfreights, same day express deliveries and others.

ABC Direct Express also offers custom courier solutions. However, the company reminds those who are looking to avail of these special custom services that they will need to contact the company first and set a special arrangement, to ensure the utmost efficiency. Such custom services include customised per kilometer charges, Saturday deliveries, after-hours services and many others.

ABC Direct Express said that they are quite proud of their reputation as one of the top courier companies in South Africa. Accordingly, they want to maintain that reputability by offering people with the services that they need—and at the prices that they can actually afford.

About ABC Direct Express

ABC Direct Express is a leading courier company that offers courier services from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

The company aims to provide clients—both current and prospective—with courier services that actually deliver solutions. As it is, the company is continually striving to maintain that high level of excellence in all of their present and future undertakings.

If you want to know more about the company, you can visit their main branches at Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or Johannesburg—or you can visit their website at for details. Interested parties can also call them at 0860222334.

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