AappTec Offers High Quality HPLC Guard Columns for Sale at Affordable Prices

21st May, 2014: AappTec LLC, a well known manufacturer of all types of peptide products based in Louisville, USA is offering HPLC guard columns of the latest design for sale at reasonable prices.

These guard columns come with the latest Ultrafit design, which makes them efficient for use in the laboratory. They trap insoluble particles which precipitate before entering the HPLC column, thereby preventing clogging or damage of the latter. Moreover, they also assist in replacing the frit at the column entrance. The Ultrafit system makes sure that users can easily include additional frits or pre-column in a simple, uncomplicated manner.

AappTec has taken greatest care to cover all aspects which may lead to loss of efficiency in the column. The Ultrafit system comes with a high precision mechanism with outlet and inlet holes of 0.2 mm and adapters of the best quality for perfect distribution of inlet and outlet flows. Using the best quality of material for construction, the company has made sure that the interior is ultra smooth, thereby making sure that no tube imperfection in the column affects the quality of separation.

The company also manufactures high quality freeze dryers for lyophilization i.e. the process of subliming ice from a frozen aqueous sample to leave behind the non volatile, non aqueous material present in the sample. It is performed at low temperature and is the chosen method of isolating temperature sensitive samples like oligonucleotides, proteins and enzymes. AappTec offers a wide variety of laboratory freeze dryers for applications in biochemistry.

The Sharp Freeze lyophilizer can be used to freeze samples before lyophilization, thereby doing away with the need for a separate sample freezing bath. The low temperature condenser chamber can freeze samples within a short span of time in flasks while the Super Freeze lyophilizer units which come with 9 litre condensers can accept the rack and shelves of 20 cm D vacuum chamber for shell freeze drying.

For more details on the products offered by the company, go to http://www.aapptec.com/ .

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