A Space Place Storage

A Space Place Storage

Groundbreaking Storage Company is now accepting Bitcoins, the universal digital currency

A Space Place Storage is already well known by many people on Long Island and in New York City for offering the lowest prices on Long Island for their storage units. Now, A Space Place Storage is the first of it's kind to accept Bitcoin (the new groundbreaking universal digital currency).

Bitcoin is doing something that has never been successfully done before; it is offering a truly universal form of currency that can be used all over the world. This currency gives the buyers and sellers a different kind of freedom, freedom to shop and sell all over the world with one universal currency with minimal tax and transfer rates.

To compare bitcoin to any other form of valuable asset, it would be closest to gold or stocks because bitcoin is not regulated by any bank or Federal Reserve. But with gold or stocks, you have to sell them in a country and then use that country's currency to purchase goods or services, but with bitcoin, the bitcoin it is the currency. A bitcoin wallet (account) also has the freedom that it can not be frozen or seized by the IRS or any government offices.

Like everything in life, more freedom usually means more risk, so be as careful with your bitcoins as you are with your money (be even more careful if you don't fully understand how bitcoins work). Like all investments, please research all the risks and rewards that come with investing before transferring your money into bitcoins.

After much research, no other self-storage facility seems to accept this new groundbreaking form of currency. This is just one example of how A Space Place Storage is constantly staying ahead of the curve, their top notch website shows how "customer oriented" A Space Place Storage really is. This website at www.aspaceplacestorage.com offers the customers everything they could possibly ask for and much more.

Accepting bitcoins at this early phase speaks very highly about A Space Place Storage and shows that they want to offer their customers every benefit possible. For a company to accept bitcoins, this means that they are taking a risk of loosing money by accepting bitcoin in every transaction. Imagine if you accepted a stock from somebody as payment, you can research to see what that stock is currently worth, but once that stock is yours it can rise or fall at any moment. But just like buying stocks, the biggest risks usually result in the biggest rewards.

People that purchased bitcoins about one year ago (March 27 2013) spent $88.92 for one bitcoin; one year later (March 27 2014) that bitcoin is worth about $527.00. That's an increase of about $438/per bitcoin, so those people that bought bitcoins a year ago know about the rewards of risk. Like any stock or even gold, the future worth remains unknown (nobody even know what the US dollar will be worth in the future). But what we do know is that from the past to the present, the bitcoin seems to be greatly gaining in value and in popularity.

A Space Place Storage is in no way trying to urge people to pay with bitcoins, but simply offering it as an option. And isn't that what everybody wants from their retailors, the freedom to use any form of payment that is most convenient for the customer? This is why A Space Place Storage deserves credit for being the first business of it's kind to take that next step into the newest form of currency.

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