A Novel Called Rain

A short review of "Rain" by: Bryan P. Hughes A novel about a small group of survivors four years after an apocalyptic event that has left the world without water, and a man who thinks he can save them. Follow him through insanity, love, and death.

A new novel that grapples with a multitude of problems without getting itself confused. The story is gritty and clear, and it's ending is ever in question. The story follows the path of a man who has lost so much he can barely hold onto himself; it shows a world where as simple of a thing as a glass of water is enough to kill over. Doing his best to hold together his own humanity, and yet forced to become much more than a man due to his lack of sanity; the hero of this tale brings the reader next to him on his ride to make it rain, and lets them see the world through his jaded eyes as if they were living in this dry, deadly environment that used to be the world.

With each turn that it takes there is an uncertainty if the writer is purposely toying with the readers ability to rationalize choice, or simply compelling them to see how frail a human is deep where the things that motivate people hide from the light. Sometimes it brings laughter, and more often than not it grips the reader with the same sadness that hides itself on each page.

Ultimately the story becomes as vivid and alive as any before it, and the reader closes the book with a strong desire to read it again. Not just to relive the adventure, but to spend more time with these characters. Truly a story of love, bullets, blood and death.

Rain can be found at many on-line retailers, including but not limited to and By searching for the title and author. Rain by: Bryan P. Hughes.

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