A New E-Book Publisher Is Accepting Manuscripts For Crowd-Sourced Review

A new community based publisher is now accepting manuscripts from the general public for publishing. Each manuscript is not reviewed by one acquisition editor, but by a group of 30-40 normal book readers.

A new book publisher, Bookkus Publishing, opened its doors with a new way of acquiring books for publishing. It accepts submissions from any author with a focus on using a group to judge the best books in order publish. The people who edit the books are normal everyday readers who have no special training other than they enjoy to read. For each book they read, they give a rating. If the rating is high enough the book will be edited, distributed, and marketed, first in eBook form and later in paperback. If it is not rated high enough, then authors receive feedback on how they can improve their book to make it more interesting and resubmit later.

The company opened in response to self-publishing and the lack of change in traditional publishers. Traditional publishing has long been seen as the gateway to becoming a successful author. This was until the electronic books and Amazon opened the world to self-publishing. The problem is that self-publishers lack the marketing experience, budget and editing to make a book well and promote it to the public effectively. And traditional publishers acquisition editors continually miss hit books.

Bookkus Publishing is the solution to this problem. Using a group of 30-40 reviewers allows Bookkus Publishing to ensure no best selling books slip through its fingers. Its editing and marketing abilities as a specialized company will ensure authors increase their book sales.

Currently, Bookkus Publishing has been open for 2 weeks and has already received 16 manuscripts in over 10 genres with more coming in everyday. Authors are never required to make payments and don't need to give away any rights when they submit their work.

Bookkus Publishing opened in April 2012 and plans to open its community of reviewers in early August, but due to the high demand, may be required to start reviewing books earlier.


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William Yatscoff
Press Contact, Bookkus Publishing