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A New Boutique PR For Physicians By Medical Professionals

Beverly Hills Registered Nurse has started her own PR agency for Physicians

Global Medical PR is a new twist on medical marketing and is owned and run by medical professionals.

The idea came to Sylvia Silvestri, CEO of the company and a a Registered Nurse, who has been doing her own marketing and PR since 2010.

Silvestri has been working in Beverly Hills in surgery and in practice with some of the most world renown plastic surgeons for the past 17 years.

"I watched and learned how practices grew from the beginning stages, and have had a few mentors teach and train me in PR and social media. I spend hours in the operating room and we talk about many things...I hear what they are happy with and what they are not so happy with regarding their marketing."

"I started learning more and more about marketing, PR, SEO, and I found that I really enjoy doing it. At the same time, I would talk with my doctors and listen to what their needs were. They are really interested and supportive and started asking me to do projects for this just kind of evolved."

Knowing that another healthcare professional is comforting to the doctors, who say that the trust issue is higher with someone they have known and who understands the inner workings of a high end medical practice.

The agency focuses on specialized areas of a practice that the surgeon wants to spotlight, such as a specific procedure, and promotes that part of it.

"I am extremely proud of her and see how hard she works every day at it..." says Dr. Jason Diamond, whom Silvestri has worked closely with for years.

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