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Ray of hop echurch offer the facilities in church Uoy have to be compelled to Connect with Punjabi christian and Jackson Heights church community to grasp relating to full info of Saviour truth.

For a city that is known for its flamboyant lifestyle, it is hard to be known for its respect for different religions. New York City has come to be renowned as the base of Ray of Hope Church, a religious place with a difference. Known for its philosophy of Rab Naal Mel, Ray of Hope Church is a place where peace can be experienced in its highest form. A visit to the New York City is not complete without a visit to this beautiful church.

People living here have made this church a part of their lifestyle. They gather here on several occasions to praise the Lord and thank Him for the blessings. Ray of Hope Church might seem to be one of the several churches located here. However, it is quite different in the way it presents itself to the people in the world. Also known as Punjabi Masihi Church, it has become one of the most popular ones in the locale.

Revealing more about the Church, its philosophy and everything associated with it, the Senior Spokesperson here says, "Almost all the churches are renowned for its architecture. Apart from its intricate architecture, Ray of Hope Church has also come to be known for its Preaching.

This church has a number of visitors from different religions in the New York City, especially Indian population living here. We have dissolved the barrier of language by conducting various programs in different languages and Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu are some of them. We chose Jackson Heights as our address as this place is easily accessible to everyone. We are here to infuse life in the name of God in its people and believers."

The Mission of Ray of Hope Church is to help people hear the Gospel of Lord Jesus and understand it. The Jackson Heights Church serves the helpless people by offering them love and care. The doors of the church are open to people irrespective of their background or their stage in the spiritual journey.

The church has been spreading powerful and effective messages, providing biblical truth through practical means. The Church is not different in the means of its demeanour as it strives to be the one that is described in the the Holy Bible. All of the teachings include honest friendships, compassion, heartfelt worship, care, compassion and constant prayer are imbibed and applied here. The Ray of Hope Church has always believed in spreading the teachings of Christianity while encouraging the community.

The Senior Spokesperson at the Church continues, "We are a community of people who are not perfect but seek the Lord for transforming ourselves. We do this to offer hope, love and real strength to everyone who needs it to carry on in the lives."

Join today at the online platform of this Punjabi Indian Church of New York at http://www.rayofhopechurch.org/, today!

About the Ray of Hope Church

Also known as the Punjabi Masihi Church, it has been working hard to create a place for everyone with love and warmth. Everyone who requires worship experience is welcomed here. To know more about the church, visit the site.

Contact Information: http://www.rayofhopechurch.org/missions.html
81-10 35th Avenue

Jackson Heights

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Tel: 347-437-6559

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