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A Global Movement Of "PLAY"

Events that Inspire Women with the Desire to be Healthy

A new, innovative approach to attaining ultimate well-being through the elimination of stress is the mission of Soul Power Live (SPL) Global Tour.

The tour will travel to over 21 cities around the world, collaborating with local community groups and businesses, to create the perfect atmosphere for play, laughter, entertainment and healing. These fun, enlightening and informative event models focused on women and their families, will be left behind for the community to use, long after the SPL tour leaves their locale.

Since 1993, Healthy Lifestyle Specialist, Ombassa Sophera (http://ombassa.com) has used PLAY events (http://iwillplay.org) to eliminate stress, which has been found to be at the seat of most illnesses and relationship breakdowns. She says: "When the women leave our events, they will be empowered with their very exclusive tool belts, loaded with life-changing methods, to be used on an "as needed basis" for attaining a healthy, whole and successful lifestyles."

" This event has helped me to rejuvenate my mind and body and identify how much time I actually give back to myself for laughter, fun and healing!"

"An event that releases stress and will place a smile on your heart, laughter for the soul, clarity for your mind and healing for the body!"

Ombassa says, "SPL events are changing the game in the health and wellness field, this is because people are ready for more. It's simply not enough now, to just pop pills, ingest whole foods or herbs anymore, the time has come to explore where the stress has actually emerged from and eradicate it -- at its roots. We create the environment for this to happen."
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