A Flappy Political Warfare: Lok Sangram 2014 Set to Release

Lok Sangram 2014 is a whimsical political rivalry among top leaders of Indian politics. In this game, a player attempts to win maximum votes for the selected candidate by flying him through opposition ballots.

GameAnax announced the release of Lok Sangram 2014 for mobile devices. The game is a dig at Indian politics where top guns from leading political parties flap for supremacy through ballots in an aerial setting. The game revolves around top three Prime Ministerial candidates, Rahul Gandhi (Congress), Narendra Modi (BJP) and Arvind Kejriwal (AAP). Each candidate has been designed considering their popular avatars and political symbols. Since, the entire nation is engulfed in the election atmosphere; Lok Sangram 2014 gives voters a virtual opportunity to win votes for their favored leader by flying them between the ballots.

The game starts with options to select the favorite politician. After selection, the game opens in a hilarious setting with opposition ballots floating in the air, restricting the selected candidate from crossing them. Continuously tapping the screen and avoiding opposition ballots registers more votes. The player can win as many votes as possible to ensure victory of the selected candidate.

The game also has social media integration, which allows players to invite friends, share score and compete with others. For more insights on candidate's performance across the gaming community, Lok Sangram 2014 has been powered by real-time graphs and stats. The candidate's leaderboard updates after every attempt from the player; highlighting player's contribution in the vote's bank and global vote counts.

The airy political warfare also has numerous fun elements such as quirky sound effects, unique facial expressions, hilarious animations and comic collapses. As the game progresses, the intensity and speed increases; thus, fueling the excitement. Initially, Lok Sangram 2014 will release for Android, and in the coming weeks, it will be launched for iOS.

The prompt idea of this hilarious election battle comes from the think tanks of GameAnax. GameAnax is a renowned game development studio that has numerous chart-busting game titles to its credit. It has also been acclaimed for its prompt approach in developing games that represent popular situations across the globe. The studio develops games for almost all genres that excite global gamers, and Lok Sangram 2014 is one fine example of an entertaining game.

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