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9 Year Old SEO Veteran Reveals How He Dominated Spyware Niche!

Competing against huge companies like Spybot, Lavasoft and Avast this guy with zero employees manages to rank for a ton of keywords in the spyware and adware niche! Now he's sharing his success!

"I've been reading many information on forums and so forth after my success, most of it scares me. When I started I used to hear many techniques that didn't sound quite right to me! After many years I was proved right, because indeed those techniques no longer worked, faded away!"

Back in 2004 Jack started reading and learn all he could about SEO, then took action. Yet it was a decision he had to make whether to do certain tactics or not. Keyword density and analyzing your webpage for other details is what he chose NOT to do!

While others where in deep discussion whether it's 5.1% or 5.9% he was building backlinks towards his site, working like a dog!

"Then I got top rankings, the proof I wanted that what I was doing was right"!

He realized most seo software where simple created by high-tech folks, who barely had experience in SEO, they just created a product to sell and make money!

So now Jack has created an information business all with the idea to share his "secrets" about how to get top rankings. Jack says, "It's about doing some techniques and NOT doing others to save time and get rankings quickly, it's about using techniques that get you rankings fast and they stay there for a long time!

In other words it's what you've been waiting for!

Either way Jack insists they're wasting much valuable time with techniques nowadays use like article spinning, worrying about duplicate content and completely ignore link building methods like link exchanges!

He says: "They're always chasing the next BIG thing, the next push button software while the answer has always been in front of them!"

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