5 Tips For Great Oral Health This Christmas

Take care of your teeth among the festive food and parties this Christmas! Here are five top tips on maintaining good oral hygiene, including how to use dental floss and a dental irrigator, from dental supplies company Healthcare4All.

A recent article published by the established healthcare company, Healthcare4All, highlights how advances in dental care have brought high quality dental supplies and treatments within reach of the everyday consumer.

New technologies, combined with economies of scale, mean that many of the treatments that used to mean an expensive trip to the dentist can now be done safely and cost effectively at home.

Sonic toothbrushes, which use oscillation and vibration-based methods as well as sonic waves for optimum cleansing of the teeth and gums, are extremely effective at preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Combined with the use of a dental irrigator to blast away plaque and bacteria, they make cleaning your teeth an effective and efficient process and give confidence against halitosis as well as underlying causes such as gum disease and bacteria build up.

Healthcare4All says:
"Dentists are recommending electric brushes and dental irrigators as part of a daily dental routine."

The use of an electric or sonic toothbrush has been proven to make brushing your teeth effectively, much easier and quicker than with a standard toothbrush. When combined with the use of a dental irrigator, obtaining a fresh, clean and healthy mouth has never been easier.

Professional quality dental supplies are now within easy reach and budget of the average consumer, with prices for waterjet dental irrigators starting at less than £50.

Here are Healthcare4All's five top oral health tips to help maintain optimum oral health and fresh breath this Christmas:

(1) Brush your teeth twice a day, morning and evening
(2) Floss your teeth every day
(3) Concentrate on hard to reach areas, such as between the teeth and where the tooth meets the gum, as this is where plaque can most often build up
(4) Waterjets and dental floss can help reach difficult areas
(5) Don't brush straight after a meal or fizzy drink as this can damage your teeth from the acids present in your mouth at this time

To stock up on oral health products or seek advice on using them to maintain good oral health, contact Healthcare4All. This specialist website offers advice both over the phone on (0113) 350 5432, and via online web chat through their website:

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