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5 Funny Wedding Gifts Ideas That Will Spice Up the Great Day

Wedding days are very important days in our lives. Everyone strives to make this day a memorable one by carrying out various activities.

Wedding days are very important days in our lives. Everyone strives to make this day a memorable one by carrying out various activities. One of the best ways to turn the day into a memorable one is by ensuring that we purchase wedding gifts. The process of buying and securing wedding gifts is a tricky affair that should be executed with due care and skill. While any gift can make the day, it should always be remembered that there are certain gifts that can even transform the day into a lovely and unique one.

Here are some funny wedding gifts ideas that are hardly known to many.

1. Artwork
Artwork is a number-one favorite gift for almost all couples. Basically, artwork could take various forms depending on one's budget. An artistically inclined individual can go for pictures that represent his/her partner. For instance, a bride can get order for the creating of the bride's picture. Such pictures will not only represent the love one has for the other, it is also memorable since it is something that will stay for a long time.

2. A molcajete (carvings made from mortar or volcanic rocks)
This is another form of funny wedding gifts ideas that most people tend to overlook. Nothing stays forever that something that is made from mortar of organic rock. In order to turn this into an amazing idea, it is important to think about any item that amazes the other partner. For example, one can think of a flower vase. Creating the flower vase from the long lasting material will not only symbolize love, it will also signify the fact that the marriage is bound to last forever i.e. till death comes in between.

3. A weekend bag
A weekend bag can also fall under the category of funny wedding gifts ideas. Most couple will always be together during weekends. A weekend bag will therefore spice up the marriage. If the married couples normally go out during the weekends, the partner s should remember to take the bag since it will bring back the wonderful memories of the wedding. It is also advisable to get some shared toiletries such as lotion, a hair drier and other travel toiletries since when each partner uses the items, he/she will be able to reflect the love they have for each other.

4. A museum/sport club membership
A membership to a partner's favorite sports club or museum is also a great idea. This is because such actions will help show a partner's respect for what the other partner loves. It is a manifestation of how a partner values and respects the interests of the other partner. If possible, it is good to accompany the partner to the museum or sports club once in a while.

5. A cashmere blanket
This is one of the simplest funny wedding ideas gifts that most couples do not think about. Who is not going to love the blanket? It represents love and tenderness that one has for the other.

When making decisions on what to buy as a wedding gift, it is advisable to desist from the habit of buying common items such as flowers and rings. Even though items like rings and flowers are equally wonderful, it pays to go for unique items since they will turn the wedding into a state-of-the-art wedding.

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