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26 Hour Broadcast Destined To Calm The Masses On The Day The Mayan Calendar Ends - 2012.12.21

Rob McConnell is no ordinary late night radio host. When it comes to debunking hoaxes and exposing frauds - he is the best.

For the past 20 years Rob McConnell who created / hosts the late night internationally syndicated The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show is a testament to his professionalism as a broadcaster / journalist as attested to his ever growing international listening /viewing audience. McConnell also is the publisher of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper and writes a syndicated column.

The people who fear him, are the people who he puts to task when interviewing them with the prowess of a seasoned investigator conducting an interrogation in addition to an entertaining, educational and informative interview.

Over the past 20 years, McConnell has conducted over 3,500 interviews with people who have a connection to the world of the paranormal or the science of parapsychology, presidential candidates, members of royalty, Hollywood Superstars and others who can be found in the pages of the world's Who's Who.

On Thursday, December 20 2012, at 11 p.m. Eastern, through Saturday, December 22 2012, at 1 a.m. Eastern, Rob McConnell will be hosting a 26 hour live broadcast of The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show on a worldwide watch to put to rest the rumours that the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21 2012 (2012-12-21) predicted the end of the world, the apocalypse or perhaps, even the return of the mythological Planet-X or Nibiru , or even cataclysmic events of the Galactic Alignment.

The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show 2012-12-21 Special will be broadcast from the studios of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company in Hamilton, Ontario and will be delivered worldwide on the TalkStar Radio Network, Star Com Media and independent radio affiliates including KKRP AM 1610 in Oklahoma and KOHI AM 1600 St. Helens, Oregon. The show will also be available on line at

Throughout the broadcast, McConnell will be checking in with guests of The 'X' Zone around the world who will be reporting on the events from their international vantage points.

Scientists, astronomers, quantum physicists, historians, psychologists and even psychics, and other members of the new age genre will be joining McConnell in his quest to for once and for all, put reality back into the paranormal and expose those who lurk in its shadows only to eager to pounce on those who are looking for answers outside the realm of the rational.

For more information on Rob McConnell and to read The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper, Listen at

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