2011 Starts Off "Fast & Furious" For Music Producer/Scorer Ruwanga Samath

Four successful 2011 movie & tv projects in a row establish Samath's "The Birdcall Productions" as the year's go-to producer of top-flight music accompaniment


Big Boi, Matt and Kim - Camerbuggin'

Busta Rhymes & Don Omar - How We Roll (Fast Five Mix)

Flo Rida - Work For Me (Clip)

Mind The Gap - Meant To Be

(Hollywood, CA) - Music producer Ruwanga Samath is starting summer as one of the hottest producers in Hollywood. So far in 2011, Samath has produced the end title song for the Vin Diesel-propelled # 1 action movie of the year "Fast & Furious 5" (grossing over ¼ billion dollars worldwide); a mash up for Morgan Spurlock's documentary POM Wonderful Presents "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"; scripting the theme for the History Channel's highest rated premiere of "Mounted in Alaska"; and providing the song "Break the Law" for TLC's "Unleashed: K9 Broward County", stamping Samath's The Birdcall Productions as this year's "go-to" producer of high-quality movie and television fare. It's his versatility that keeps him in demand for action movies, documentaries and reality TV, but Ruwanga Samath and The Bird Call Productions take music even further. Samath brings a unique element to hip-hop and pop music for the screen by working alongside cream of the crop icons such as legendary rapper Busta Rhymes; international superstar Don Omar and rapper J-Doe ("How We Roll," the end title song on "Fast & Furious 5")' and Outkast's Big Boi (with co-producers Matt & Kim on "Camera Buggin'," the end title song for "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.") His success is no fluke. In 2007, Samath won the prestigious LA Music Award for his work on the "Saw 4" movie soundtrack, (Collinz Room's "Just Another Day").

Ruwanga Samath founded The Bird Call Productions in 2003 at age 18. Since then, Samath has completed production for major artists such as Beyonce, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Flo Rida, Ke$ha, Norah Jones, The Virgins, and more.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, The Bird Call Productions put together the song "Make it to the Sun" for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. The song, urging voters to use their vote to make a change, received widespread recognition throughout the campaign.

An avid gamer, Samath ventured into the video game world with placements on "The Agency" (Sony), which was nominated for a 2009 Hollywood Music Award. He also sat on SESAC's "Get Your Game On" panel for an in-depth discussion on the future of the video game world.

Hailing from Sri Lanka to parents who are still very involved in music -- His mother, Renuka, was a popular Sri Lankan musician-- Samath's compositions/tracks are unique and innovative. Sri Lanka is heavily influenced by the European and reggae scenes; filtered through an all-encompassing hip-hop, pop and R&B environment since his family's move to California in 1997, Ruwanga Samath has evolved a sound that now stands on its own.

The remainder of 2011 will see such exciting Ruwanga Samath and The Bird Call Productions releases that include "Mind the Gap" for the upcoming movie "The Good Fight", music for the new "Deal or No Deal" workout video and the Eric Roberts, Omar Gooding Christmas film "Christmas in Compton."
About The Bird Call Productions:

The Bird Call Productions is an independent record label and music production company, specialists in scoring for songs, feature films, video games and other media. Our extensive music catalogue includes hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance hall and rock. Clients include Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Jive Records, Columbia, Adrenaline and Sony Online. The Bird Call Productions also worked with Busta Rhymes & Don Omar, "How We Roll" ("Fast Five" title song), Beyonce "Ring the Alarm" (European remix), Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland "Work It," Flo Rida "Work for Me," Ke$ha "A La Discotheque," etc.

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Producer/ composer
Ruwanga "Ru" Samath
The Bird Call Productions, Inc

Artist roster: Mind The Gap, Kali, Mo Greene and Maxwell D.

2011 Busta Rhymes Feat Don Omar - How We Roll (Universal/ Universal Pictures) - Fast & The Furious 5 End Title Track

2011 Mounted (History Channel) "OutBack" - Theme song - (Most Successful premiere in the history of the History channel)

2011 Madison - Elevator (Pulse One/ Zync)

2011 Ke$ha - A La Discotheque (RCA)

2011 Unleashed: K-9 (TLC) - "Break The Law" - Theme Song

2011 Kali EP

2011 Off the Matt (Independent film) -Electrida

2011 Big Boi and Matt & Kim - The Mashup (Def Jam/ Fader Label)

2011 Christmas in Compton (Independent film) - Music Producer

2011 Morgan Spurlock - "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"

2011 Morgan Spurlock - "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" - Opening Theme/ End title Song - Camerabuggin

2011 Mind The Gap Debut Album

2011 The Agency (Video Game) Beverley Marquis - Unite (SONY)

2011 The Agency (Video Game) Maxwell D - Showtime (SONY)

2010 Drake Feat. G. Cahn - Living in the moment (Unreleased) (Universal)

2010 Deal Or No Deal work out video

2010 VW Jetta Commercial (In-Post)

2010 Sex and the City 2 - Background music

2010 Maxwell D Feat. Kryis Ivory - Anyway (The Bird Call/ EMI)

2010 Here & There (Film) - Background music

2010 You and I (Film)

2010 Victoria Justice (Columbia)

2009 Cahn and Yang Loyalty EP (Songs placed over 10 Film/TV projects)

2009 Playboy - Kings of Club Theme Song "Sexy Devil" (Playboy TV)

2009 Playboy - Kings of Club (TV) Composed Cues

2009 Girlicious - Fashionista (Universal)

2009 Girlicious - Friction (Universal)

2009 Baceros - Composer

2009 Education of Charlie Banks (Film) - Composed the trailer

2009 Noble Son - Composed Background Music (Film)

2009 Compton Christmas (Film) - Composer

2009 Flo Rida - Work for Me (Atlantic)

2009 Eddie Griffin Reality show - Composed Cues.

2009 Britney Spears - The Show (Jive Records) (Circus: not released)

2009 Mo Greene - Go NU (Original Northwestern anthem)

2008 Obama Campaign - "Make It the Sun"

2008 Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee (TV Series) - Composed Music.

2008 Baceros (Short film) - Composer/ Original music (Channel E)

2008 Britney Spears - Break the Ice (Remix) (Jive Records)

2007 SAW 4 - Collinz Room - Just Another Day (SAW 4 Soundtrack) (LA Music Awards for The Best Song in a Film)

2008 Step Up 2 - Cues - Just Another Day

2007 LA Music Award Winner: Best Song in a Film

2007 Kelly Rowland - Work (Remix) (Columbia/ Music World Ent)

2007 Kelly Rowland feat. Maxwell D - Work (Remix) (Columbia/ Music World Ent)

2007 Azure - How u Like It (Doggystyle Records)

2007 Doubletime (Documentary) - Go (Dumb Dumb) (Discovery Films) (Soundtrack)

2007 Doubletime (Documentary - Dance Tonight (Discovery Films) (Soundtrack)

2007 Maxwell D - With You (Musketeer Records) UK (Single)

2006 Beyonce - Ring the Alarm (Remix) (Sony/ BMG)

2005 J- Luv - HOT (3 Kings Ent) (Single)

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