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2 Moms Find a Way to Make Sunscreen Fun for Kids

Two moms have found a way to get girls excited about wearing their daily facial sunscreen. By cleverly packaging a moisturizer with built in SPF in a bottle that looks like it could be mom's make-up, girl's want to wear their daily sunscreen!

Two Ohio moms have joined forces to create the first of its kind natural and organic sunscreen moisturizer directed specifically towards girls. BeYOUtiful Girl, LLC's amazing daily moisturizer with spf 30 is cleverly packaged to look just like mom's fancy makeup and leaves girls excited about using it. Made with the physical sunscreen barrier, non-nano zinc oxide, this product is made with the best ingredients on the market and offers the safest broad spectrum coverage.

The idea started when one mom was getting her family ready for an early evening tee ball game. Wanting to protect her daughter's delicate face from any rays but not wanting to put on the normal greasy type sunscreen, mom reluctantly put her own facial moisturizer with SPF on her daughter even though it was full of unsafe chemicals. With a guilty conscious, mom disclosed her guilt to her best friend and the two got an idea!

After years of development, BeYOUtiful Girl was born and as they say, the rest was history.

With over 3.5 million cases of skin cancer reported annually*, it is crucial that we teach our children to add sun protection into their daily routine. Just like we don't wait until our children are 14 to teach them to brush their teeth, we shouldn't wait until they are 14 to teach them to care for and protect their skin.

Alongside the signature SPF facial moisturizer, BeYOUtiful Girl, LLC offers a complete skin care line for girls making skincare fun for kids and easy for moms. "BeYOUtiful Girl believes that by teaching a girl to properly care for her skin, she will be comfortable in her skin, allowing her to feel BeYOUtiful, just the way she is." says company co-founder and CEO Lorie Baughman.

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*data reported from the American Cancer Society

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