1500 Volt DC Voltage - PADCON Delivers the World's First Inverter Station to BELECTRIC - System Technology 2.0

PADCON GmbH has specialized in state-of-the-art energy distribution systems and plant monitoring.

With the delivery of the first 1500 volt inverter station for solar power plants to BELECTRIC, it has once more proven its position as innovation leader in the field of photovoltaics. The new mode of operation enables cost reduction thanks to higher system voltages. The module manufacturers First Solar and Solar Frontier have already given BELECTRIC their approval for the new 1500 V mode of operation for their modules. High quality standards and the use of premium system components guarantee a long service life, highest levels of efficiency and were important criteria during the selection process.

The inverter station works with a maximum of 1500 VDC; the MPP voltage range is between 725 and 1300 V. The maximum efficiency is outstanding at 98.4 percent. Compared to Euro ETA of 98.1%. The entire assembly process takes place at PADCON production sites. The advantages of the new system are easy to see. Through an increased voltage range power output can be reduced at the same and considerably reduce system costs on the DC side

"The introduction of 1500 V technology combined with dynamic reactive power control is the next revolutionary step in photovoltaic system technology. This enables significant reduction of costs in this area, which improves solar energy production's ability to compete," said Constantin Wenzlik, CEO of PADCON GmbH, about the significance of the new inverter station for the solar industry in general. The company will continue to research and develop new technologies in the field of photovoltaics to maintain its position as an innovation leader in the future.

About PADCON: PADCON GmbH has specialized in energy distribution systems, plant monitoring, and plant communication. The comprehensive product portfolio contains solutions for roof-mounted photovoltaic systems and for solar power plants world-wide. PADCON was founded in 2007 in Kitzingen, Germany, where it has since grown to 90 employees. High quality standards and the exclusive use of premium components guarantee a long service life, safe operation, and high levels of efficiency. The comprehensive PADCON range of products offers custom tailored components and solutions for every project. Incl. partial string combiner boxes, inverter stations for complete plant monitoring and solar power plant control.

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