10th Anniversary Of Lighting Business With Some Help From Google

Home lighting company Easylighthing.co.uk hails from rural England. started ten years ago owner Simon Hiscox made the decision to get to grips with Google AdWords to drive his business, a choice which has paid off.

Every business understands the need to have an on line presence not only with a website but also by using social media. With the 10th anniversary of the business approaching this week and a healthy turnover from on line activities Long Stratton based www.easylighting.co.uk looks back at the road to success.

Norfolk businessman Simon Hiscox started home lighting company Easy Lighting ten years ago it was a traditional bricks and mortar business. He had a shop two staff and a storeroom for stock.

Based in Long Stratton Simon grew the shop and watched with interest the growth of the internet.

Knowing that he had to find a way to make his business work on line Simon looked at the options open to him.

Being excited by the potential of paid advertising in Google search Simon started to learn how to use the tools available.

"Paid search can seem like an overly complicated system when you first use it. The first time you try it is very easy to spend money and see little return. I did not use an agency

Simon kept persevering learning lessons and understanding how the process works.
"By constantly refining your activity and focusing on what is actually converting you soon begin to understand the returns."

Easylighting.com now has a turnover in excess of £300,000 a year from e commerce transactions. Which does not include regular supply contacts.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary Easylighting.co.uk will be using their Facebook page to run a promotion, everyday from Monday to Saturday there will be the opportunity to win lighting, with a special prize on the final Saturday.

"Social media is new to us, but we will look at ways like a Facebook shop where we can give something different to our customers. The promotion is a way of saying thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past ten years."

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