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Flat-Monthly Price to Accelerate Campaign Production, Branding and Publicity.

Unbeatable Value for Agencies and Businesses Looking to Leverage the Power of Press Releases for Multiple Customers.

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  • Dedicated Campaign Management
  • Custom Media Lists and Media Alerts
  • Unlimited Words, Images and Links - No Additional Costs

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Coupled with the Industry’s Award-Winning High-Performance Production by our dedicated Campaign Managers. Save up to $13,850 per month by taking advantage of flat-rate pricing and utilizing Newswire’s dedicated Campaign Management team.

The Value Pack Guided Tour includes...

  • Flat-Fee Monthly Pricing

    Transparent, flat-fee pricing allows agencies and market research companies to better plan budgets for PR distribution, which give agencies an easy way to charge a margin to clients for distribution services. Unlimited words, images and links saves your budget, staff resources and helps manage client expectations.

  • Dedicated Campaign Management

    Your assigned Campaign Manager will build customer media lists, uploads, formats and distributes your press releases and monitors results through media alerts and detailed reporting saving your business valuable staff time and resources.

  • Access to Newswire’s PR Software

    Through your dedicated Campaign Manager, VP GT clients have limited use access to Newswire’s PR Software including the Media Database, Media Monitoring, Analytics and Distribution, saving agencies tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Press Release Distribution Customized
Specifically for Your Needs

Press Release Distribution

We deliver your press release to thousands of trusted media outlets to help you gain greater brand awareness and publicity. Regional and international distribution at your fingertips so you can customize your order. Newswire is simple, flexible and cost-effective.

AP Distribution

Expand your reach by tapping into the Associated Press distribution in addition to the wire distribution network of your choice. Multiple distribution networks allows you to send the right message to the right audience at the right time without additional work for your staff.

Software Delivered as a Service

Combining our high-tech software with high-touch service from our campaign management team, reduces staff costs for businesses and improves effectiveness of campaigns. Distribution, monitoring, alerts, analytics and production of campaigns saves agencies up between $6,000-$14,000 per year.

Custom Add-ons for Greater Impact

In addition to the VP GT, Newswire offers clients the Media Advantage Platform by dedicating an entire team to increasing brand awareness, driving web traffic and improve return on ad spend through targeted outreach to media and marketing audiences, all driven by an Media Advantage Platform.

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