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Smart Start: Transforming the Value of a Press Release

Written by Maria Marchewka

Smart Start: Transforming the Value of a Press Release

In this Smart Start, you’ll learn how businesses can transform the value of their owned media and turn it into earned media with press release distribution that builds brand awareness, attracts website traffic, generates leads, and increases sales.

Are press releases still a valuable marketing tool?

For decades, businesses have used press releases to deliver their news, announcements, and stories to media across the globe.

But, as the number of media outlets, reporters, editors, and other influencers continue to grow, distribution methods have become an added layer, requiring the attention of teams already stretched thin and often lacking expertise.

Year after year, marketers turn to wire distribution to reach media outlets, supplementing that approach with direct outreach so their news can reach a wider public audience.

However, the competition for consumer and media attention has grown and staying top of mind has become exponentially harder. Businesses are at their wits’ end and press releases moved from being THE way to share your news to JUST another marketing vehicle that’s part of a larger strategy.

Unfortunately, because of this mindset shift, companies of all sizes and industries have missed out on opportunities to build their reputation and secure their piece of market share with strategic press release distribution.

Though some doubt their effectiveness, the truth remains that press releases, when published using distribution channels like the ones we offer at Newswire, continue to be an effective way to communicate news and information to reporters, and make a positive impact on a company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many professionals just need to know how to leverage these tools, their team, and their budget to maximum effect.

The Challenge Communications & Marketing People Face

In today’s media landscape, capturing the media’s attention is an uphill battle, as the majority of news coverage goes to well-known brands and more established leaders in each industry. In addition, the 24/7 news cycle has made it harder for a news story to make waves and generate a buzz long enough to grow awareness with a company’s target audience.

Communications and marketing professionals everywhere are realizing that capturing and keeping attention requires extensive planning, compelling content, and consistent outreach.

The only sticking point? Most companies don’t have the resources or bandwidth to create and execute a comprehensive media and marketing communications strategy.

Given these limitations, how can businesses generate media attention, grow website traffic, improve their return on ad spend and generate additional leads and sales?

Educational Resources The Challenge Communications & Marketing People Face

Meet the Press Release Optimizer

Media mentions, website traffic, brand awareness, SEO, public trust, partnerships, leads, sales, revenue, thought leadership, and product launches are some of the goals companies have for their campaign efforts. But often, they fall short.

No matter the goal, our Press Release Optimizer (PRO) can help you achieve it.

PRO directly addresses the challenges that come with media and marketing by combining our enriched distribution network, robust SaaS platform, and the expertise of our team to develop and execute a sound strategy.

Clients are paired with a dedicated team that provides agency-level service at a fraction of the cost of working with a traditional advertising agency or hiring a fulltime employee.

At the core of PRO is providing comprehensive press release distribution strategies that drive real results and improve a company’s bottom line. Our team uses press releases as a marketing vehicle to earn media mentions, generate leads, boost SEO, increase sales, and much more.

How are we able to deliver those results?

Delivering the Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time

PRO helps clients develop and implement a comprehensive strategy by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time through consistent and strategic campaigns.

The primary benefits of PRO are our 5 P’s that include:

Educational Resources The Hidden Costs of Media & Marketing Communications

The Hidden Costs of Media & Marketing Communications

The time, staff, and resources required to develop and execute a comprehensive media and marketing communications strategy are extremely costly and are often out of reach for small and medium-sized businesses.

For instance, salaries, benefits, and professional development add up quickly, and hiring in-house staff is not always a guaranteed path to success. Consultants and agencies are expensive and often charge by the hour. Writing and distribution services eat into tight budgets and take a lot of time to learn, coordinate and approve. And most critically, direct outreach takes years of relationship-building in order to be effective.

Sounds like a dead-end, right? Think again! Clients that use our Press Release Optimizer reap the benefits of our nearly 20 years of experience, our award-winning press release distribution services, our innovative SaaS platform, and the attention of a dedicated team focused on helping them achieve their unique goals.

You’d be surprised to know our level of service and commitment doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. Our services are built with small and mid-sized companies in mind, including those with tight budgets.

We’re disrupting the industry for all the right reasons and helping companies improve their digital presence and earn valuable media mentions that translate into leads and ultimately sales.

So, what types of businesses have made the switch?

How Businesses are Transforming Their Owned Media Into Earned with Newswire’s PRO

Businesses who have joined PRO have had success across all industries including technology, e-commerce, health, medical, wellness, business services, law, and others.

Most have received media coverage from their target media outlets, and many received interest within the first 90 days of the program from top publications like:

Educational Resources Cheddar, People, Forbes and WSJ logos

Others have seen increased brand awareness, growth in website traffic, improvement in SEO rankings, better results from advertising spend, and an influx of leads, sales, and revenue.

Take a look at our Gb Sciences Case Study and you’ll see firsthand the positive outcomes this biopharmaceutical drug company has achieved with our service.

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Not sure what you need from a distribution partner or where to start? Newswire’s team of expert PR Strategists can conduct a free, comprehensive needs analysis to determine the right solution. In addition to press release distribution options, Newswire offers additional media and marketing communications support through the Press Release Optimizer.

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