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Smart Start: How to Develop a Newsworthy Press Release

Written by Maria Marchewka

Smart Start: How to Develop a Newsworthy Press Release

This guide will uncover the essential elements needed to develop newsworthy storylines, helping small and midsize businesses deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

What does “newsworthy” mean?

Merriam-Webster defines newsworthy as interesting enough to the general public to warrant reporting.

A main tenet of a successful press release is its relevance to the target audience and the media. When brainstorming ideas and crafting press release content, a question you’ll want to ask yourself is, “Is this newsworthy?”

Whether you’re just starting out or have found yourself in a creative rut, here are 10 possible topics that constitute newsworthiness.

10 Newsworthy Press Release Topics to Consider


For four years (and counting), we’ve proudly maintained the No. 1 rank in customer satisfaction for our press release distribution software by

Each year, we draft a press release celebrating that achievement and share some insights into our company’s continued growth, as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction.

You can do the same for your business. If you’ve recently won an award or have been recognized for a significant achievement, share the news with a press release.

Be sure to provide context about the organization that provides the award, the background or history of the award itself, and what it means for your company.


Whether it’s been five, 10, 15 years, if your company has made it to another anniversary, commemorate it with a press release.

In this type of press release, share important information about the company’s history, the changes you’ve made over the years, the goals you’ve achieved, and what you anticipate for the future of your company.

You’ll also want to include a quote from a senior-level employee who plays a pivotal role in the direction of the company.


Expansion is a newsworthy topic. If your company has received funding, be sure to include the specifics about the deal. Highlight the successes your business has experienced so far and describe the importance of this funding.

What will you be able to do now with this money? Will you grow your workforce? Will you invest it in technology to improve performance?

Whatever the answers are, share them and explain why they’re important for the future success of your business.


New data and/or industry reports are great options for companies to leverage in order to strengthen their credibility and build authority in their respective industries.

Statistics, facts, and figures are shareable pieces of content that can increase your chances of having your brand name and company news shared with others via social media and within the news circuit.

Educational Resource Smart Start: How to Develop a Newsworthy Press Release


A product launch press release helps build excitement and creates an opportunity to talk about your offerings.

When creating a product launch press release announcement, cover all the basics of what you think people would want to know:

Providing this information preemptively will answer the most common questions your target audience is bound to ask.


Whether you’re hosting an event or attending one such as a trade show, an event press release is a newsworthy topic to cover. Presenting at a conference or providing a booth is also worthy of press release distribution, as they position you as experts in your industry.

Are you hosting the event?

Let your target audience and the media know about the important details of your event including:

Don’t feel the need to cram every last detail into your press release. Rather, link out to a landing page or your event’s website that includes all the information eventgoers will need.

Is your company attending an event?

Distributing a press release about your attendance at an event is a great idea because it shows you’re an active member of your industry/community.

In this type of event press release, share some insights on the following:


When a company rebrands itself, it often changes its appearance on the outside and updates its slogan, but remains true to its core values.

Wouldn’t you want to share with your customers and announce to the world about this new chapter?

Of course!

That’s where a rebranding press release comes in handy.

Here are some key points to highlight:

Creating and distributing a press release is a great way to make the announcement and gain some traction for the rebrand.


How do you determine if a new hire or promotion is newsworthy?

The first step is taking a look at the person’s background. Why was this person selected or promoted to the position? What made the person stand out?

Accomplishments, experience, and expertise are all topics you can and should cover in this type of press release. Additionally, highlight the value this person will bring to your organization and how it’ll benefit your customers.


“Feel good” news needs a newsworthy angle, too. If you’re volunteering your time, making a donation or performing any other kind of charitable act, consider sending out a press release about it.

When drafting the content of this press release, be sure to emphasize the why.

Why are you getting involved with this charitable organization? Highlighting the connection through storytelling can humanize your company and show people in your community that you’re an active member giving back.


Public companies can improve their visibility in the market with current and future shareholders with regulatory compliant press release distribution.

The financial health of a company plays a major role in its future. That’s why public companies share their quarterly earnings to provide shareholders and potential investors with a firsthand look at how the company is performing.

As an industry-leader in financial press release distribution, Newswire clients can rest assured their press releases are compliant and will be distributed to leading financial media outlets, delivered to investor networks, and include SEC-compliant disclosures.

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