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How to Attract Investor Interest with Press Release Distribution

Written by Maria Marchewka

How to Attract Investor Interest with Press Release Distribution

In this guide, you’ll learn how to properly leverage press release distribution to control the narrative, position your company as a thought leader and capture the attention of serious investors.

Press Releases and Investor Interest

Sure, social media marketing, paid advertising and content marketing, for example, are excellent promotional tools to leverage. But, they can only take a brand so far.

Companies that are looking to capture and keep the attention of interested investors need to find alternatives that seemingly go against the grain in order to generate real results and true value.

This is where press releases come into play. These compelling and concise news stories help companies announce something newsworthy in the hopes of securing coverage from relevant media publications and getting noticed by their target audience.

Press releases typically cover important news such as:

Press releases, no matter the announcement, when written correctly address the who, what, where, when, why, and how.

These are commonly referred to as the 5 W’s + How which make up the foundation of the inverted pyramid.

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Why are Press Releases Important?

Now more than ever, people spend a large portion of their days online consuming content.

That’s why it’s important for companies to meet their target audience where they spend the most time online and deliver their content accordingly.

Part of this equation of delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is consistent press release distribution.

Press releases can help businesses earn media coverage, control the company’s narrative, and stay in front of their target audience.

Additional benefits of press release distribution include but aren’t limited to:

4 Ways to Attract Investors with Press Release Distribution

1. Strengthen Your C-Suite Credibility

Although we wish we could have a chiseled midsection after doing a crunch, it won’t happen. The same goes for writing one thought leader press release and reaping the brand-building benefits of doing so. Credibility is like a muscle. It requires reps to build strength.

Credibility can be the catalyst of an investor partnership.

To this point, many investors want to know that the c-suite executives are knowledgeable and aware of what’s trending.

They want to know they have their thumb on the pulse of what’s relevant because their ability to understand and grow with the market is what can set a company apart from the competition.

That’s why brands should place an emphasis on strengthening their c-suite’s credibility through consistent press release distribution and targeted media outreach.

Continually and strategically creating and distributing thought leadership content is an excellent way to show the leaders of your company are not only competent but experts in their fields.

2. Showcase Your Brand’s Expertise

Building on the latter point, press release campaigns are an effective marketing tool companies can leverage to show and not tell potential investors about their expertise.

Thought leader pieces, sharing industry data, creating educational resources and more are all viable press release topics that showcase your company’s expertise from the inside out.

Investors want to see real results from a company before they consider investing. Use press releases to control your narrative and amplify why they should invest in your company.

3. Creatively Communicate Your Vision

In a movie, when a person is trying to convince someone else of their vision, they’ll have them look out a window or at the unused space as they talk in detail about their plan.

They paint a picture with their words to help the person visualize what could be.

This is what press release campaigns can do for a brand trying to capture the attention of investors.

The content you create and distribute should clearly articulate and map out your brand’s long-term vision:

Addressing these questions with thoughtful content creation can help investors gain a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish as a company.

If your vision aligns with theirs, you’ll likely have new investors.

4. Build Authority and Brand Awareness with Earned Media Mentions

Thought leadership pieces, TV interviews, magazine articles, and featured stories. These are just a few examples of earned media mentions. And, if you’re unfamiliar, earned media is publicity gained from content that a brand has not paid for or produced on its own.

Earned media is a powerful form of marketing that companies of all sizes and industries can use to build brand awareness, attract website traffic, improve search engine rankings, increase revenue and attract the attention of interested investors.

Think of an earned media mention as a big play in the game. After it happens, companies can build on that momentum by doubling down on the coverage to cast a wider net and capture the attention of their target audiences and potential investors.

To tie this all together, let’s say you’re a healthcare technology startup. Features and mentions in publications such as Benzinga, Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance, to name a few, would undoubtedly help build brand awareness, establish authority in the industry and strengthen your company’s credibility.

Well, this is the type of earned media coverage clients that use our Press Release Optimizer (PRO) can expect to achieve.

Our innovative program provides companies of all sizes and industries with cost-effective press release distribution services to better reach their target audience and get more value out of their campaigns.

An added benefit of the PRO is companies don’t have to hire or train new staff to generate positive results.

That’s because our experts act as an extension of our clients’ teams to create and implement integrated media and marketing communications strategies to better tell their stories through press releases that generate a buzz.

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