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How Do You Distribute A Press Release To The Media?

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How Do You Distribute A Press Release To The Media?

How Do You Distribute a Press Release to the Media?

You've taken the time to prepare your press release. Now, it's time to send out the information so that media outlets can share your story with their readers or viewers. But how do you distribute a press release to the media? If you are looking for easy instructions on how to go about successfully distributing your press release to the media, this post is for you!

This post will cover the beneBits of press release distribution, your options, the steps to take with each opportunity to distribute your press release, and the cost of press release distribution.

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Benefits of Press Release Distribution

For those who don't know, a press release is a way to announce events, news, or current developments about your company or its products or services to well-known media outlets. Some of the benefits of distributing press releases are increased visibility, increased traffic to your website, and an increase in leads and revenue. Press release distribution also boosts your SEO and could help you attain high-quality backlinks to your site, which builds authority and credibility.

Another benefit of press release distribution is that it sends your announcement to key journalists who can instantly put your press release (and your brand) in front of hundreds—if not thousands of people.

It is little known that editorial placements often generate more traffic than standard paid advertisements. This is because your paid ad might get in front of a hundred people on a good day, but the news has the world watching.

So how do you distribute a press release to the media? Well, for starters, it helps to know what your options are. You have two main choices of distributing your press release to media outlets.

They are:

These next couple of sections will highlight each method and give you the steps needed to complete each process successfully:

Hire a Press Release Distribution Services Company to Distribute Your Press Release

Press releases are most commonly distributed through press release distribution companies. A press release distribution service is a convenient way to distribute your press release because it allows you to send it to a long list of media outlets like CNN, Forbes, Google News, Associated Press, etc.

Press release distribution companies have a long list of media contacts they can use to send your press release to because it is their job to have as many media connections as possible. Certain companies may even be able to assist you with writing and editing your press release. Different companies may offer different services with their press release distribution, so the price, in the end, will affect the cost of their services.

Here are the steps involved with using a press release distribution services company to distribute your press release:

Step 1: Choose the Right PR Distribution Company

The first thing you need to do if you would like to try a press release distribution company is select which company you want to use. There are numerous online options offering various features and services to distribute your press release to media outlets. Check online reviews and look into the top companies that catch your eye to make sure they are qualified businesses, then try one of them out.

Step 2: Write Your Press Release

Once you have your press release distribution company selected, it's time to write your press release. Your press release must follow a specific style, tone, and format because it is for news outlets. Most press releases are between 300-500 words. Of course, this isn't set in stone, but for the most part, you want to keep your press release as short and concise as possible.

Below are some tips you might need to keep in mind when writing your press release:

Step 3: Send Your Press Release

After you have your press release written out, you must submit it to the press release distribution company of your choice, pay the fee for the package that best suits your needs, and wait. Most PR distribution companies will have some approval process to ensure the quality of their content so journalists can trust their services.

Create a Distribution List and Send Your Press Release Yourself

It could take weeks, even months, to prepare a list of media outlets for your press release campaign, but if you choose to go this route, here are some steps that you can take to distribute your press release yourself:

Step 1: Make a List of Journalists to Send Your Press Release to

Finding the right people to contact is as important as writing the press release. Search for journalists who have written on similar topics in the past. The names of journalists can also be found on Google news articles.

Step 2: Get the Contact Details of the Journalist

The next step is to find the contact information of journalists who might be interested in your story. An example would be clicking on the writer's bio on a publication's website and collecting their contact details.

Alternatively, a simple Google search or using any media database will often reveal the author's contact details, but it is not always that simple. You can also find journalists' contact information on social media platforms. To find professional contacts, LinkedIn is a great resource.

Step 3: Come Up with an Amazing Pitch

A press release can be effectively distributed to targeted people via email. Most journalists prefer receiving emails. Keep your pitch brief and to the point. Keep it simple by avoiding unnecessary and irrelevant information. Instead of focusing on your primary purpose in your email, tell the journalists why they should cover your story and how it benefits their media outlet.

Step 4: Send Your Press Release Pitch to Your List of Journalists

The best time to distribute your press release will depend on the success rate at certain times. Generally, journalists prefer receiving emails early in the morning. Thus, sending your pitch early will likely increase your chances of success.

Step 5: Follow Up

The idea of following up on a press release is disputed, but some believe it's a good idea. It may be worth following up if you are confident that your story is newsworthy. Sending the same news release and pitch to every journalist is not a good idea. Doing this can easily ruin your chances of getting your story picked up.

How Much Will Press Release Distribution Cost?

Depending on how you distribute your press release, press release distribution can cost between $200 and $2000. Suppose you choose to distribute your press release by pitching journalists. In that case, it will cost more of your time, whereas if you decide to go with a press release distribution channel, the cost will be more monetary and contingent on which services or package you choose.

No matter which option you choose, your press release must be professionally written and presented to the media outlets so that when journalists see it, they can read it and see how it could benefit their media outlet. Just follow the bullet points above, and you should be able to complete and distribute your press release easily and successfully.


To recap, the process of issuing a press release can be done in two main ways. You can build a list of media outlets and publications and find journalists who work there to pitch your press release to, or you can use a press release distribution company to send your press release to media outlets on its contact list.

Depending on the nature of your event and business, you will approach this issue differently. The most effective way is through a personal email or a professional public relations agency... However, it is also the most time-consuming and expensive.

While press release distribution companies can deliver your message faster and more affordably, building a list and sending your press release manually offers a more granular level of control. Which one you pick will most likely be a matter of personal choice, but if you have your business goals in mind, it should be easy to choose what's best for your specific needs. We hope that this post on how you distribute a press release to the media has helped you understand your options for press release distribution and the steps you will need to take for each option.

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