SPIELBURGERS Restaurant Announced for Fall 2012 Launch

SPIELBURGERS Restaurant Announced for Fall 2012 Launch "Food You'll Phone Home About!"

SPIELBURGERS Restaurant Announced for Fall 2012 Launch

"Food You'll Phone Home About!"

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - April 1, 2012 - JAKS Ingenuities, LLC announces the groundbreaking development of two multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art restaurant and entertainment venues. Inspired by the films of award-winning, legendary Director and Producer, Steven Spielberg; SPIELBURGERS will be the ultimate dining experience for film fans of all ages.

The year-long collaborative effort between JAKS and numerous studio, theme park, and creative consultants unveils today to coincide with the soft-launch of the www.SPIELBURGERS.com website. The site offers a look at the planning and development of the themed restaurants with conceptual art, initial menu offerings, and additional information for investor and consumer perusal.

"We are so excited to be able to bring to life some of the most popular films of Steven Spielberg in an immersive environment where families can dine and be entertained by the iconic images borne of his creative imagination," said Lisa F. Proyaldo, Director of Marketing for JAKS Ingenuities. "While the locations of the two planned restaurants will not be officially disclosed until some time this summer, I can hint they will be strategically located near very popular entertainment complexes easily accessible to tourists and local consumers alike. We are also planning development overseas in Shanghai, Tokyo and Dubai, all by the year 2015."

The process of making SPIELBURGERS a reality has long been a pet project for JAKS Ingenuities CEO, Steve Kingman, who dreamed of taking Steven Spielberg's film properties beyond the theater and into a restaurant setting where guests can dine within a dynamic scene from their favorite movies. "Imagine a restaurant with multiple themed rooms, all with a detailed 360-degree environment taken from such movies as Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Jurassic Park, Jaws and even a Spielberg-produced favorite, Back to the Future," says Kingman. "About every 10 minutes, the show begins and the room comes to life in a randomly animated presentation of lights, sounds, props and motion effects that will delight restaurant patrons."

SPIELBURGERS offers a menu that is several steps above typical fast food fare; promising selections that are imaginative, delicious and affordable. "Unlike other Hollywood-themed restaurants, our primary focus was on making quality menu choices that bring patrons back for more. The show elements and atmosphere of the restaurant are just the icing on the cake ... which we serve on our dessert menu as well," said Proyaldo. "We set out to make a menu that is family-friendly and easy on the wallet. It's expensive enough nowadays to take a small family out for a day of entertaining at a theme park or other attractions. We've worked hard to combine great eating and entertainment for the best possible value."

The SPIELBURGERS motto, "Food You'll Phone Home About!" will hold true for the decadent hamburgers and assorted sandwiches the menu is built around. The menu offerings are just as entertaining as the movies that inspired their names. "The 'ET' is a veggie-burger, the 'American Tail' is a 4-cheese Angus burger. Want it Western style? Then order the 'Fievel Goes West'," says Kingman with a smile. "The 'Bruce' (named after the shark in Jaws) is a sandwich so large you'll need the jaws of a shark to consume it. We also have great side dishes and desserts. A 'Devil's Tower'-shaped mashed potato plate (Close Encounters) and the 'A.I.'ce Cream Sundae' (A.I.) round out a wide variety of choices for everyone's tastes."

JAKS Ingenuities, LLC, founded in 2007 and headquartered in North Hollywood, CA, is a worldwide creative development, marketing and sales company. They design and implement innovative entertainment concepts in partnership with industry-leading motion picture film and television studios.

For more information about the restaurants, visit http://www.SPIELBURGERS.com or e-mail inquiries to:

Lisa F. Proyaldo at lisa@spielburgers.com or Steve Kingman at steven@spielburgers.com

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