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PR for Startups: 5 Things You Need To Know

Learn How to Jumpstart Your PR and Media Relations on a Budget and the Strategies that Work

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PR for Startups: 5 Things You Need To Know

  • Learn Why Having a Clear Vision is Critical Before Your Start
  • How to Conduct Research for Your Audience and Media
  • Learn Where Less is More When Finding Success
  • Learn How Social Media Impacts Your Opportunities
  • Learn How to Get All of Your Assets Ready for Media


This is a problem that many startups grapple with, and it cannot be stressed enough: you MUST be able to succinctly describe your business in a way that illustrates how your business provides value to others. Learn it, memorize it, live it. The second someone asks what your company does, you should be ready to pounce with that brilliant one liner that you’ve been so diligently crafting for this exact moment.

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