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100 Examples of Real Press Releases

Discover Real Press Release Examples That You Can Model to Gain More Exposure For Your Company

100 Examples of Real Press Releases
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100 Examples of Real Press Releases

  • Learn the Different Types of Story Angles to Model Your Press Release On
  • Over 250 Pages of Examples to Review, Analyze and Draw Inspiration From
  • See How to Properly Format Your Content for Better Readability

When writing a press release today you must follow the same basic guide, whether you are writing it for the online publication or traditional publication avenues. The guidelines allow a uniform location of information for easy access to media professionals. Most markets require that press releases be submitted in the traditional format. Some media professionals throw away anything that does not conform to the standards. You may be able to add some creative measures within the content of the press release, but make sure your format stands up to the guidelines first.

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