SalesRev Launches Service That Helps High-Traffic Websites Unlock Hidden Conversions

New service uses Marketing Automation, Conversion Optimization and elbow grease to help companies squeeze more business out of their existing high-traffic websites


If you ask any Digital Marketer where the bulk of their advertising budget is spent, they'll tell you Google Adwords or Facebook - last year alone, advertisers spent almost $75B on Adwords.

But with most conversion rates (the percentage of website visitors that buy something or fill out a form) sitting around 2-3%, marketers are becoming more and more pressured to deliver results from the increasingly costly ad campaigns they're running.

That's what inspired digital marketers, Keith McGibbon and John Rau, to start SalesRev ( SalesRev is a technology/service bundle that helps high-traffic websites leverage their existing traffic to get more conversions rather than the alternative - paying for more ads.

Dubbed "Managed Conversion Optimization", SalesRev's service pairs Marketing Automation technology with Ongoing A/B Testing and Retargeting to boost conversion rates. Along with the technology, subscribers benefit from SalesRev's conversion optimization expertise on an ongoing basis.

"We created SalesRev to address two market needs - the need to generate more ROI from increasingly expensive ad campaigns; and to fill the marketing automation and conversion optimization skills gap. Companies know they need to be using these technologies, but they lack the internal expertise or time required to implement and manage them on an ongoing basis. That's where SalesRev comes in," says co-founder John Rau.

As for results? In the past year one of SalesRev's clients, FINSYNC, a financial management platform for small businesses, was able to increase their conversion rate by 238% and decrease their cost per customer acquisition by 58%.

"We're really excited to see what the future holds for our customers," says Keith McGibbon, co-founder. "Conversion optimization and marketing automation are becoming increasingly valuable, but also more complex. We're thrilled to help companies navigate and conquer these complexities."

Those interested in learning more about conversion optimization and how to get more out of their existing website traffic are invited to attend SalesRev's upcoming webinar on September 21, 2016.

The webinar will show executives and marketers how they can boost their conversion rates and generate business without spending more on advertising. It will include do-it-yourself tips as well as outsourced options. Registration:

To learn more about SalesRev or to book an interview, contact John Rau at +1 613-558-3848 or email,, or visit the website at

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