Reinkstone Announces Launch of the R1 — An Impressive Next-Generation True-Color E-Paper Tablet

Reinkstone, an experienced group of E-paper innovators, just announced the launch of the Reinkstone R1 — the world's first book-sized true-color E-Paper Android tablet. The R1 combines the most paper-like E-Reader experience with read-&-write capability along with a powerful 10.1" Android tablet. It is perfectly designed for reading, writing, working, and entertainment and is available now on Kickstarter:

Most people use a tablet computer for work, study or entertainment. But typical tablets, with their light-emitting displays, are not ideal for reading. Long reading sessions can cause eye fatigue and insomnia and can be difficult to see in sunlight. E-paper displays solve these issues. These special displays mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper for safer, more comfortable and convenient reading. Now, next-generation devices such as the Reinkstone R1 are giving users an unparalleled E-paper reading experience along with the power to do much more.

"At Reinkstone, we respect the past while looking optimistically toward the future. Our team is dedicated to creating a device that combines the power of a tablet along with a premium true-color E-reader experience, eye protection, and comfort for users. The R1 simply lets you do more than other E-readers. It streamlines your day, adds the power of Android apps and boosts productivity," said Stone Li, Reinkstone CEO.

Reinkstone R1 is the world's first book-sized color E-Paper Android tablet. With 140-color PPI, it has the highest color display among all color E-paper devices. The R1 achieves the ultimate reading experience with the latest DES display electronic slurry module that is completely different from the existing micro-cup structure and micro-capsule structure of older E-paper readers. It thereby obtains a higher definition and higher resolution display than previous generations of color E-paper.

With a vertical notebook design only 0.68cm thick, Reinkstone makes reading and writing easier and more comfortable in any position. It's lightweight and slim for travel and it carries a powerful, large capacity 4500mAh battery that gives it 100 days standby time/300 hours working time on a single charge to power a 1.8GHz 4 Core processor with 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM. Reinkstone R1 supports OTG to expand its memory, works with all common file formats and uses a 4096 Level pressured Stylus with eraser and EMR layer for effortless input and a paper-like writing experience for notes and more.

The Reinkstone R1 represents the next generation of E-Paper tablets and gives users the best true-color E-reader experience and a versatile tool for reading, work, and entertainment. The R1 is available now via Kickstarter with special pricing to reward early supporters. Learn more here:

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