Blue Bite Redesign Makes Creating Thrilling Consumer Experiences Even Easier

Blue Bite Update

Blue Bite today released a major update to the world's most advanced connected products platform. It is now easier than ever to bring context-based, dynamic digital experiences directly to consumers by transforming physical things into a digital platform. Innovative new features make the already powerful platform faster, easier to use and more intuitive.

Blue Bite is a software platform powering personalized digital marketing at scale to create jaw-dropping consumer experiences. These digital experiences make every product smart; they are attached to physical products with connecting technologies like QR codes and NFC tags that consumers scan with their phones. Brands can now scale their internet of things initiatives even faster, reaching more consumers to tell more memorable stories, sell more products directly, better protect their brand, and drive impact through sustainability initiatives. Blue Bite empowers companies to turn their products into obsessions and their brand into movements.

"For more than a decade, the Blue Bite platform has consistently led the field with the most powerful and easy-to-use object manager and digital experience builder for connected products," said Mikhail Damiani, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Bite. "Today we take that leadership to a new level with this ground-up revamp that is more powerful, more reliable and more intuitive."

The overhaul of the Blue Bite Dashboard makes creating and maintaining connected objects simple. Multiple types of connecting technologies can now be assigned to the same object. Bulk editing and imports are painless, and object and project details are easy to find and edit — one at a time or in bulk. A more powerful preview mode makes it easy to engage with the digital experiences based on a variety of criteria as they are being built.

A pillar of the Blue Bite platform is the ability to show physical product analytics — and now there's an even better snapshot of how consumers interact with objects in real time. Additionally, new multi-organization support makes it simple to manage a variety of projects across multiple brands or business units. 

Blue Bite has led the way in the connected products industry for more than 13 years by providing the most powerful platform to digitalize physical things. This platform update moves even farther ahead to provide brands the ability to bring enterprise-ready, scalable digital experiences directly to consumers in record time.

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About Blue Bite

Since 2007, Blue Bite has improved lives by connecting people and information through the physical world. The patented platform empowers creators to build dynamic digital experiences and channel them through physical items using technologies like NFC, QR and geofencing. This helps brands solve some of their most pressing challenges including product authentication, delivering personalized consumer experiences, enabling circularity, storytelling and driving additional sales. Blue Bite has enabled tens of millions of products for leading brands worldwide, including adidas, Samsung, BVLGARI, Google, Ford and many more.

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