Athena Security and Al-Ameri International Trading Partner to Launch the 'Keep Mosques Safe Initiative,' Designed to Prevent Active Shooter Situations at Mosques All Over the World With Gun Detection

The Al-Noor Mosque in Christchurch, NZ will be one of the first two mosques to leverage Athena Security's award-winning AI-powered active shooter detection platform to protect its worshippers and staff after the tragic mass shooting.

Athena Security Gun Detection

Athena Security and Al-Ameri International Trading announced today the “Keep Mosques Safe” initiative (KMS). Al-Ameri International Trading, along with recognized Islamic charities and foundations, will finance the installation of Athena’s A.I.-powered gun and weapons detection platform in mosques around the world. The first mosque to benefit will be Al-Noor in Christchurch, NZ, where worshipers were targeted in a mass shooting that killed 50 people and injured 50 others on March 18.

“The mass shootings at the Al-Noor and Linwood Mosques were an unspeakable tragedy that no community should have to suffer,” said Athena Security co-founder & CEO Lisa Falzone. “The Keep Mosques Safe initiative helps worship spaces better protect themselves from extremists who wish to do them harm, by providing effective safety tools to prevent these horrific events.”

Athena Security’s A.I.-powered security platform, instantly and accurately detects active shooters before a weapon is fired. When a threat is detected, Athena’s award-winning security system warns and repels the suspect, and provides a live video alert to designated personnel and police within seconds, to save lives.

This proprietary platform has been developed with law enforcement and trained on scenarios under their supervision, ensuring that Athena can detect threats with the highest degree of accuracy and speed.

Shagaf Khan, President of the Muslim Association of Canterbury New Zealand and the Al-Noor Mosques said of the gift: “It gives us great pride to have ‘brothers and sisters’ like Brother Fahad A.B. Al-Ameri and his respected family who have shown their solidarity with the Al-Noor Mosque. Fahad explained the Keep Mosques Safe initiative, and that his company, Al-Ameri International Trading, would be supporting their ‘brothers and sisters’ with new technology that can protect mosques using artificial intelligence. I hope that many mosques and Islamic schools get a chance to use this gun detection system offered by Athena Security.”

Benefactor, Fahad A.B. Al-Ameri, CEO and Founder of Al-Ameri International said, “It gives us great honor to create this initiative to protect innocent men, women and children, in their houses of worship. After the tragic attack in the Al-Noor Mosque, I reached out to pay my condolences to Brother Shagaf Khan, as many had done. But, I was also committed to help support the New Zealand Islamic Community, and the search began for an intelligent system to prevent such incidents from happening again. Allah all Mighty gave me the capability to put together this blessed Keep Mosques Safe initiative with the cooperation of Athena Security and their threat detection platform.

“I wish to thank each and every person at Athena and I hope for many more mosques to be protected by their system in the near future. I also encourage Muslims around the world to join us in this Holy Month of Ramadan to expand support for this initiative and crowdfund more through, starting on May 5th. May Allah accept all our goodwill.”

About Athena Security

Athena was co-founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Lisa Falzone (Forbes 30U30 and Fortune 40U40) and Chris Ciabarra (Forbes Technology Council), who also co-founded Revel Systems. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

On April 10, the Security Industry Association (SIA), a leading trade organization for global security solution providers, named Athena Security winner of the best product for “Threat Detection and Safety Platform” at the 2019 SIA New Product Showcase Awards.

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