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Competitive Intelligence

Quickly gather intelligence on your competitors and market. Search hundreds of news and media stories for the latest information. Use company and industry keywords to gain insights on developing trends and announcements.

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Research and save your data sets to share with your team and clients. Easy to use filters include date, media type, and sources.

Comprehensive Coverage

We pull from thousands of stories across dozens of authority news sources and feeds.

Industry Monitoring

Receive the latest insight alerts sent directly in your inbox

Daily Monitoring

Get notified of updates through daily, weekly, or customized dates. Alerts are automatically sent to your phone using email app notifications to keep up to date while on the go.

Email Notifications

Receive your INSIGHTS in your inbox and find out what your competition is up to. You can build upon these activities and leverage new ideas for your own campaigns.

Share with Team Members

Set up additional email alerts for team members to keep them up to date on the latest campaigns and news in your industry.

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