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Why Newswire?

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InsurTechExpress Creates Industry Chatter with Newswire Distribution is a one-stop resource for platforms, whitepapers, emerging technologies, and more within the Life Insurance and Annuities industry.

InsurTech Express looks to identify the key players, latest trends, and new products in an effort to educate its clients with the most up-to-date industry news and information. The site also includes news on product development, company mergers, integrations, and acquisitions, as well as consulting resources and career opportunities in the insurance industry.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the insurance field, the InsurTech Express team strives to provide the premiere educational resource for insurance technology.

“I think most companies that I’ve worked with, especially the ones that we feature, have inherent value to the industry. I want to promote them for the purpose of getting awareness.”

Ken Leibow,

President and Owner, InsurTech Express

The challenge

Over the years, Ken has developed a LinkedIn network with over 21,000 industry followers. More recently, he has created a Twitter network for InsurTech Express. He uses these forms of social media to promote any major story involving his brand, partners, or industry.

However, he was looking for another way to spread the news about his company’s launch.

The Results

Ken used Newswire’s press release distribution services to deliver a timely release promoting the launch of the newly established InsurTech Express.

“The press release that we distributed on the wire got a lot of chatter. It got a lot of good responses - great responses actually.”

Ken Leibow,

President and Owner, InsurTech Express

In the future, Ken looks to expand the reach of InsurTech Express on an international level. He is looking to create a presence in the insurance and insurtech industries in places such as the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Newswire’s press release distribution services were able to get the word out about InsurTech Express and its value as a one-stop resource in the insurance tech space.

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