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IDTechEx Finds a Targeted Audience with Newswire



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Why Newswire?

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IDTechEx Finds a Targeted Audience with Newswire

Since 1999, IDTechEx has provided its clients with high-quality independent market research in an effort to provide clarity on emerging technologies. With clients in over 80 countries, the firm has grown to become a globally recognized one-stopshop for detailed, in-depth research, insights, business intelligence and events on a variety of emerging technology topics

Many of the reports produced by IDTechEx are the result of years of dedicated research conducted by their team of analysts who are experts in a wide range of technological fields

Some of the recent projects that IDTechEx has worked on include research of 5G mobile networks, opportunities in electric vehicles, and wearable healthcare devices.

“IDTechEx insights and research enable companies to make informed strategic decisions to aid their business growth. Uniquely, our highly technical analysts appraise the diverse emerging technology landscape to ultimately provide impartial market forecasts.”

Simon Kirk

Product Marketing Manager, IDTechEX

The challenge

Reaching a relevant audience was the main marketing challenge that IDTechEx faced. The team knew that their products were very useful to the businesses that utilized them. However, they also recognized the need to narrow their promotional efforts in order to get their brand in front of the right businesses.

The Results

IDTechEx was able to narrow their audience and target the right outlets by using the Newswire Database. They were able to build additional media relationships that helped them with their targeting efforts.

“The media database has yielded good results for us when we aim to find the right people to influence them directly with insight and information that is meaningful and relevant.”

Simon Kirk

Product Marketing Manager, IDTechEX

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