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Cybervore Connects with Target Audience Thanks to Newswire’s Distribution Channels




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Why Newswire?

Targeted Distribution

Cybervore Connects with Target Audience Thanks to Newswire’s Distribution Channels

Cybervore is a cybersecurity software company that offers businesses a strong last line of defense when it comes to the protection of sensitive documents and data. Their most recent launch featured FRAGGLESTORM™ - a security software that leverages the power of Smart Data Fragmentation™.

FRAGGLESTORM™ helps Cybervore’s clients protect and manage data as they transition to the hybrid multiple cloud service world.


The increased commercialization of quantum computing has rendered basic encryption technology vulnerable to hackers. FRAGGLESTORM goes beyond encryption technology. The software takes encrypted data and divides it into segmented fragments, which are then wrapped in an additional layer of protection technology. These Smart Fragments™ become impossible to break and reassemble without the approval of the authorized user.

The challenge

Cybervore’s audience is very focused, with the majority of its clients being small to midsize businesses in the healthcare, financial services, legal, and accounting industries.

“Our products are geared towards these kinds of customers because they are the biggest targets for cybercriminals. We feel that we can help them the most with products such as FRAGGLESTORM™.
Fred Callis

Fred Callis,

President and CEO, Cybervore, Inc.

In order to help these customers protect their data with its high-tech cybersecurity software, the Cybervore team would need to find a way to target relevant industry outlets with audiences that would be interested in such solutions.

The Results

The Newswire team helped Cybervore share the news about FRAGGLESTORM™’s launch to the right audience through targeted distribution channels and media outreach campaigns.

“I believe Newswire is #1. If you are going to advertise your content, you need to advertise it with the best. I use the Newswire press release distribution service not only as a way to get information out, but also as a way to offer my audience and potential clients a new avenue of information that they might otherwise have to search for online.”
Fred Callis

Fred Callis,

President and CEO, Cybervore, Inc.

The Cybervore team is extremely excited to implement FRAGGLESTORM™ within their client’s security systems to enhance the protection of their most important data. By augmenting modern encryption measures with Smart Data Fragmentation™, Cybervore looks to make this disruptive technology an industry standard in the very near future.

Interested in FRAGGLESTORM™ and Cybervore’s mission to make data smart? Click here to learn more.

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