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CANNAPAGES gets The Right Exposure at the Right Time with Newswire’s Media Database



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Why Newswire?

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CANNAPAGES gets The Right Exposure at the Right Time with Newswire’s Media Database


As the self-proclaimed “yellow pages” of the cannabis industry, CANNAPAGES offers both print and online resources for consumers to connect directly with cannabis businesses. The platform offers comprehensive industry listings, dispensary coupons, and product reviews, all available in a bi-monthly, locally-printed directory & digest as well as on The site also promotes community involvement through sponsorships, company events, and social media.

Recently, the brand has expanded after releasing its Oklahoma City and Tulsa edition of CANNAPAGES Directory and Digest. The CANNAPAGES team decided to enter the region after their research showed that it was an emerging market in the industry

“We don’t try to be a big magazine, we just try to connect consumers with their local dispensaries. For us, it was a nobrainer. The patients are there, the stores are there, the community is there. Having a fifth market in a place where there is a ton of opportunity and we don't have to fight these bigger brands is a win-win for us.”
Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson


The challenge

With the cannabis industry being so fragmented, media brands such as CANNAPAGES often run into difficulties when it comes to self-promotion.

According to Micah, the top media companies in the space can all be found on the same RSS feeds. He and his team needed to get CANNAPAGES onto those feeds through effective outreach and PR.

“We needed to be seen overnight. In other words, we wanted to get to the very top very quickly to let people know we were launching.”
Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson


The CANNAPAGES team had an old database of media contacts. Unfortunately, many of these contacts weren't going to be very receptive to the promotional content that the CANNAPAGES team was looking to distribute.

The Results

“Simply put, we were seen by the right eyes at the right time. That was the really important thing for us.”
Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson


With Newswire’s media database, the team was able to select new industry contacts that were more receptive to their content. They were able to effectively build new relationships with the media in a timely manner.

CANNAPAGES is a family-run business whose small team has large-scale goals for the near future. They are looking to prove that you don’t need to be a huge company to make a huge splash in the industry.

If you are interested in getting seen by the right eyes at the right time, check out Newswire’s media database today

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