Acceptable Content Guidelines

Newswire is a online press release distribution newswire. We encourage users to submit newsworthy stories regarding their websites, products and/or services.

We realize there's no simple and easy solution in moderating an online news site which accepts user-generated content, however Newswire follows the strict guidelines below to enable our editors with publishing appropriate content only.

Newswire encourages the submission of such newsworthy stories related to but not limited to:

  • Stories on organizations, clubs or individual persons working towards economic justice or social justice.
  • Stories regarding different organizations such as church, community, schools, college, university.
  • Stories in which you believe can make a positive impact in the world we live in.
  • Updated and timely stories that are well organized and researched.
  • First hand experiences and eyewitness accounts of demonstrations or progressive actions.
  • Headline international issues and local issues.

The following content won't be accepted and published on our website:

  • Press release submissions that are spam postings. We will not tolerate any form of spam submissions. This includes blatant advertisements for any company, product and/or websites. We reserve the right to determine what is considered spam. Any attempt to spam Newswire will result in the banning of your account indefinitely.
  • Press release submissions which are purposely wrong or misleading. Including but not limited to the impersonation or disinformation of any individual, company or organization.
  • Press release submissions containing generalized and/or negative comments regarding race, gender, culture, creed, class, ethnic group and sexual orientation.
  • Press release submissions which advocate the hatred of any race, nation, culture, creed, class, gender, ethnic group and sexual orientation.
  • Press release submissions that serve and use Newswire as a battle ground with other individuals, groups or companies with non-political or political content targeted towards the other participants.
  • Press release submissions in any formats or languages that can not be read.
  • Press release submissions using all CAP letters or having the title as "test", etc.
  • Press release submissions that contain any duplicate content.
  • Press release submissions that contain any obscene and adult natured content but not limited to pornography or x-rated material.

Newswire welcomes any press release submissions that may disagree with opinions of the editors at Newswire so long as they do NOT violate any of our guidelines.