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Zuru Inc. Defends Right To Robo Fish Amidst False Claim By Innovation First

-Evidence proves Zuru acquired rights to Robo Fish and will support CVS Caremark (CVS) in legal action-

In response to false claims made by Innovation First International in a formal complaint filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission against CVS Caremark (CVS), Zuru Inc. adamantly denies allegations that it improperly acquired the Robo Fish toy invention. Zuru and Robo Fish inventor, Xiaoping Lu, have extensive proof, including detailed written documentation that proves the product never belonged to Innovation First International.

The Robo Fish toy was in development in excess of 16 years before Innovation First made any such claims to the technology. Highlighting the spurious nature of Innovation First International's allegations is that, prior to Zuru acquiring the legitimate rights to Robo Fish, Innovation First International's CEO Tony Norman provided written notification that the invention belonged to Xiaoping Lu and that Innovation First International had chosen not to license the product - A copy of which is attached hereto. This notification was given after Innovation First had turned down the product upon presentation from the inventor on multiple occasions. Only now, nearly two years after Zuru developed its toy, is Innovation First International planning to launch a competitive product. Innovation First International's complaint seems to be timed to match its own product launch.

"In investigating the facts, we are confident that the U.S. International Trade Commission will
swiftly dismiss this frivolous complaint against our retail partner CVS," said Anna Mowbray, COO of Zuru Inc. "We will do everything in our power to protect Zuru's legal right to market Robo Fish, for which we have patents pending both in the United States and in China with the option to extend to an additional 40 countries"

Zuru is a young and vibrant family owned business that was founded in 2005 by siblings Mat, Anna, and Nick Mowbray. The company has a stellar reputation with both retailers and consumers for bringing to market innovative high quality products. Zuru acquired the rights to market Robo Fish from inventor Xiaoping Lu, who had been working on the development of this product for over sixteen years.

"From conception to invention, the development of Robo Fish was a complex process that I clearly documented over much of my professional career," stated Robo Fish Inventor Xiaoping Lu. "Innovation First's assertion that the product incorporates technology that was stolen from them has absolutely no merit, and I fully support Zuru's right of ownership to Robo Fish."

First introduced at CVS and Toys R Us stores in late 2012, Zuru is set to expand its U.S. presence with additional retailers rolling out product February 2013. In addition, Robo Fish is currently available in multiple countries, where it has gained a tremendous following and continues to exhibit outstanding sales results since its introduction in early 2012.

Despite the facts that prove Innovation First has no claim to this product, the company continues what we believe to be a vicious and deceitful campaign to discredit the Zuru name among its U.S. retail partners and other industry relationships.


About Zuru Inc.:
Zuru is a young and vibrant company consistently bringing innovation to the market,. Launching from grassroots beginnings in Cambridge, New Zealand, we pride ourselves on integrity and honesty and know this is the key to our long term continued success. Today, our company has a number of successful, TV advertised brands across multiple categories and ships to over 70 countries including most major retail and distribution partners worldwide. For more information please visit

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